The Freedom of Non-Attachment

Hello beautiful soul,

Ahhh …. attachment to non -attachment is such a splendid journey. This November more than ever we have been invited to walk the path of non-attachmnet ever more to foster deeper inner peace that will expand to world peace.  What does it really mean be non-attached and how can it benefit us?  As we have just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in US there is much attachment energy being expressed. How can one continue to navigate the holiday season and one’s life in general in a non-attached  or detached way?

According to Buddhism: “Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of all suffering.” Non-attachment is the opposite as it is a state of consciousness where a person overcomes his or her attachment to desire for things, people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective and consciousness in complete freedom of beingness.  There are so many ways in we are attached mostly unconsciously.

One thing I have noticed is that “Attachment” drains our energy as it is a connection to other people, places, situations in unhealthy ways.

“All attachments are connections to something outside of us and therefore it can never bring us true freedom and authentic joy and inner peace.” Maria Kramer

Living a lifestyle of Non-Attachement is truly the highest level of unconditional love we can express as ourselves and for others. It allows you to be free to BE and others to be free to BE as well. It is understanding at a deep level that we are perfect as WE ARE and there is nothing I need from you or anyone else to feel whole and complete. It is the unraveling of all the ways we have been taught love is conditional. It is the complete undoing of how we have allowed ourselves to be owned by others and things and circumstances. When we are able to live a non-attached life we have a deep sense of peace  and connectivity to all things and are able to experience  life outside of the drama of ego. Here are some of the ways that affect wether we are attached or non-attached.

Expectations:  What is others expecting of me? What do I think others expect of me?  what am I expecting of others?  Expectations when not met cause major disappointments and depression for many. Are certain activities as gift giving truly necessary? I had a conversation years ago about gift giving at the holidays with a  dear friend who at her job received many gifts from her clients at work. We talked about the spirit of giving and how it had become polluted through commerciallism and what was expected in this field and all the stress it causes people to live up to what is perceived to be expected.  She wished many would not give her gifts because she could feel the energy in the gifts of which were given out of obligation, stress anger  and which were made from a pure joy space.

Traditions: Many  events of the winter holiday season is abundantly filled with traditions that may bring us joy or may not bring us joy anymore. Traditions are beautiful as long as we feel enthused, openhearted, joyful in the experience of them.  If we feel attached to them and a lack if they are different than we expected  then it is an invitation to see how we attached and in what way a new tradition can be created. If there is a certain tradition you partake in, do you because you absolutely love it or because it is what one is supposed to do?


Obligation: What are some of the ways you feel obilgated?  If you do not do them it will be received from family, friends and work places very poorly  and so you keep doing it because you don’t want to face the music so to speak? How are you sending energy of obligation to others?  Just become aware and then see how it can be changed.

Fear of loss – sales/shopping: Most companies sales strategy to engage the consumer is to appeal to their ego and entice them to buy now in order to get a better price. It is manipulation at it’s best and at this time of year advertisers truly invite us to join that energy as a feeing frenzy. We as consumers are invited to use discernment and tune in if we want to participate in this game or not.  How are you attached to deals and how do you allow yourself if so be pulled into this river? There is nothing wrong with deals only how to become aware if we are in reaction or response mode.  What other ways are you participating in the game of fear of loss in your life? 

Time: How attached are you to the clock? How have you  made time God? Time is an illusion and only miserable on a linear time frame. or many when we do not achieve a desired result at a certain time we beat ourselves up and  it erodes our self confidence. I learned over the years that if I was late it turned out whoever I was meeting that they were stuck in traffic and later than I was or we would arrive just at the same time and so it turned out to be a divine time. I invite you to remove your alarm clock from your bedroom and your wristwatch from your arm. You will be amazed at how out of tune with yourself and nature you have become and how easy it is to return to it and begin to trust yourself that you will always be on time and the angels and your soul will awaken you on time as well. I have used neither for over 10 years and I am always “on time”

Body: How attached have we become to a certain body image? How attached have you become to your body being who you are? and how has it caused you to fear death/the ceasing of the body to function? How is it not measuring up?

Butterfly-TransformationMoney: How is money owning me? How is the Lack of money owning me? Am I serving the money train or am I allowing the energy of money to serve me in service to humanity? Or have I become enslaved to a money God?  What beliefs around money has created a prison for me?

Food: Are you eating for soul nourishment or for emotional and mental reasons. How does certain foods have a hold on you?  Gotta have that now or …… ? become aware of the action or response you have around foods especially as we navigate this season. What does food mean to you?

Media: Is media in service to you or have you become enslaved to it 24/7? Are you constantly in touch?  This covers, social media, cell phone, TV, radio etc. What are you feeling when not in attached?

Drama: Living a drama free life is difficult for the ego at first as a non attached drama free life can be perceived as boring to many. Are you pulled into drama around you or are you free of it. “If not what consciousness can we be and have to live drama free?”


Opinions: How have opinions imprisoned you in limitation whether your own or others? “What consciousness can I be have to be completely free of all opinions both my own and others?”  

Authorities: Do you worry what others think. Are you always feeling like you constantly walk on eggshells whether by  parents, peers, teachers, government?  Do you value their opinions more than your own. Are you sacrificing self to please others?

Our story: We all have a personal story that runs like a train on automatic in our lives. What life thee story is owning your life?  What is the theme that keeps showing up constantly? How can it be changed in this moment. Perhaps ask yourself: “Is this true? Can I know 100% this is true?  Am I willing to destroy and uncreate all stories that I am attached to? yes or now?  Great!

if-we-fearfully-cling-to-what-we-haveLimitation / Concepts/ Ideas: I can’t because…….  I can’t afford because……Suffering is noble….means I care….are all  a very common limitation we have allowed to become attached to. Which one is your favorite?

Emotions: Which is the most common negative, limiting emotions that shows up in your life that you are unconsciously attached to perhaps over many lifetimes? Abandonment, guilt, betrayal, fear, doubt, shame…  Wonder what consciousness I can be completely non-attached to these emotions? 

Have fun with it …..As we raise our consciousness and chose a  5th dimensional lifestyle we can’t take our attachments with us as there is no room in the backpack. We are all in the process of transforming ourselves from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. Know there is no right or wrong. It is just a matter of choice and all choices are perfect for each of our souls. Enjoy the new found freedom of being non-attached.

Blessings and much love

Maria L’Aria Raa





November as Peace Pioneering month

Hello beautiful soul,

Are you ready to join together on a month of paradigm shifting newness beyond what you can imagine?  Are you ready to walk as a Peace Pioneer warrior  and what does that mean? With the new moon beginning the month the seeds of possibility, positivity and change for the good of all mankind is upon us. November is gifting us with the energy of true peace. The theme of this month is PEACE. 

♥ What if  “Embracing the peace that is YOU in the midst of chaos and conflict.” ♥ is your spiritual mastery gym equipment this month.  ♥ Well it is. ♥ Peace is the natural state of being that offers presence and love when you are fundamentally residing in your soul heart witnessing and able to BE Present with what is. A peace pioneer  warrior lives in unity with all, knowing we are all one. This peace fills us to overflowing as we connect to Source, God, Great Spirit as it knows deeply truth and has no fear and no need to win. When we act from soul we choose peace more than the habit of needing to be right, control or win a battle. Being peace becomes our main focus because there is a deep knowing of truth you cannot put aside.  We are all peaceful beings at our core. As we surrender more of our ego habits of needing to be right and live in fear, we are able to reside in peace and act in the world with peace.

heartlogo330Archangel Michael brought at simple message this morning for us all.

“Awaken the peace in your heart of heart. Awaken fully to the absolute knowing of who and what you are. Divine presence. Awaken the infinite well of gratitude for all the experiences, people in your journey through all the the and space that has let you to this moment of awareness. ” ©Archangel Michael 11/2/16 

Peace is the absence of aggression, conflict and fear. it is that simple. Peace is a choice as is conflict and chaos. Our infinite nature is to return form the journey of fear into the peace we are. Only being in Peace can we know God. God, Divine intelligence is Peace and Love and Joy. If we are not feeling peace we have disconnected from our Divinity and sunken into the fear based ego play land of separation.

To be a peace pioneer takes courage as it mean acting different than perhaps you others around you. It means ceasing to join others in the fights arguments and needing to be right. It means being inspired to take a new approach that works for all concerned with a new eye. Does not mean to not speak up however communicate from a different perspective of speaking your truth authentically from a feeling perspective and not ego fear mind.

ACIM has a wonderful statement “I choose peace instead of ……  whatever it is you are feeling at the moment. Every time we act from fear, anger, resentment, judgement etc we pinch off our life force and close more of our connection to the Divine. For most humans chaos and conflict has become the norm and forgotten that a different reality exists. Of course this other existence and consciousness is void of drama and chaos, therefore feels very weird to many. It causes a conflict within the self and Self as the ego self is afraid to go there. We have to kindle the peace in our hearts and let the old habits and mind programs dissolve into ash and birth new calm community unity ones. It is actually quite easy and simple. Think of it as choices.


When we fully are centered in true authentic peace we are impervious to outside circumstances and events as we know fear is not real. When we reside in our true peace nature we are fully aligned with the Divine and we know we cannot be shaken. We also no longer have any need to convince others of our views or need approval.  We know that we know and we understand the only way to release conflict is through addressing the situation from a different consciousness it was created and peace and love always overcomes fear. When we unite one heart of peace with another and another, an exponential ripple of unity is released that changed all in it’s path. Nothing can withstand Peace and love was higher vibration energies. It flows like that river that is on the loose.

So we are invited to open up to great awareness with every thought, feeling, word and action. Here are some ways to work with it as situations arise during you day.

Am I being peaceful?

How can be more peace in this moment?

What consciousness can I be and have to choose being fully connected to the Divine being I am more of the time?

If needing to be right arises ask yourself, What am I afraid of loosing? What do I perceive to loose if I do not argue my case? 

If I choose peace then……….

What am I engaging in that keeps me from being peace?

What needs to change for me to feel more peace? 

Ask God, Divine Intelligence, Great Spirit, Buddha whichever you call your home to fill you to over flowing with the peace that passeth all understanding and watch miracles unfold. Claim it and so it will be.

peacedove60sPeace Now.

May each of us feel your  Peace within us every day.

May each of us choose to stay in that Peace no matter what happens around us.

May each of us give that Peace to each other daily.

May each of us choose to care for each other to expand each other’s lights within.

May all the world feel the connection they have to all living things at all times. 

May we each honor and respect each other’s choices, beliefs, differences and recognize our commonalities, our Oneness. 

That we may change this world one person, one family, one community, one county, one State one country at a time. As we are that Peace now the World is Peace now. 

©Maria Kramer

Infinite blessings of peace from my heart to yours

Maria L’Aria Raa

Angel Ariel Election Message

This morning during my meditation, I asked Arch Angel Ariel for guidance on an issue that is at hand and on many peoples mind and hearts and I wanted to share the response. Enjoy and be In -Joy!

“What do I / we need to know about the upcoming election in USA and beyond?

“Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. Blessed you are. Blessed we are. Bless, Bless, Bless, Bliss, Bliss.

The time has come to gather and pray, envision, intention in groups for the peace-filled outcome that is for all and everyones highest good and highest healing. The outcome that will support a raised consciousness that thrives from a spaciousness of love, unity, the good of all, instead of a limited consciousness that thrives from a place of fear and me consciousness. Making choices from soul heart of trust and love will have the greatest effect. 

Can humanity let go of the attachment to fear, survival, me, control, power and shift into a place of unity, a common unified vision that serves all of life, humans, animals, plants, earth, water, sky?

The choice is before you. Are humans ready to live as the God-Self of good it is or does it wish to continue on the path of separate self of fear? Choices, beloved ones, are at hand.

peaceThe gift of gathering together in a peace-filled time in prayer, envisioning, intending, unifying consciousness of highest possibility forward movement to vibrate the highest good be of service, knowing Heaven on Earth is here now as a choice. When two or more gather in peace and possibility  it sends an infinite ripple out in the universe of blessing and love.

Energy follows intent always and in all ways. What are you focussing on as a collective consciousness?

We invite thee to step away from ALL news, drama, fear-based programs wether on television, social media, radio or written materials and bring your awareness inward. Envision, feel with all your being, ALL living in a unified consciousness that serves all in living peace, harmony, joy and love.

Your job is not to figure our the “who” and the “how”. Release your limited perceptions, opinions, and judgements. Invite the angels and the Divine in all it’s glorious forms to bring forth the “who” and the “how” that will be in full alignment with highest good for the all. We ask you to pray for highest good for each individual person, town, state and country as a whole.

What transpires on November 8 at the USA elections will have a profound effect on all countries as well as all the galaxies and all the universes in all of creation. We are watching you carefully and much help is available from us and the Benevolent ones who await your requests for support with infinite patience!!!

blessingBless everyone and everything, situation and you are blessed. Release the choices that seem to be at hand and open your selves to added possibilities that is not clear at this moment to step forward in to the light!!

Release, loose, let go, let God. Fear is holding the matrix of repetition alive. You are at a choice moment of repeating a cycle from 1916 or choose a whole new path. Love opens the doors for new possibilities.

Surrender to the WE and TRUST in Yourself. TRUST in others, Trust ALL want good. TRUST. Goodness always overcomes darkness. God has never let anyone down. Light ALWAYS prevails. Even in the individual. The tiniest flicker of light illumines the darkest cave. Shine your heart-light. Join your heart-lights as one and you illuminate like the sun in the oneness you are.

We are complete. ArchAngel Ariel”
Through Maria Kramer 
Copyright 10/23/2016


“Heavenly Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Benevolent Ones, Divine Intelligence, God, Pleidians, Arcturians, Blue Starborn, we humbly ask for you to please accept our hearts calling for help, guidance, direction, protection, intention in each of our lives as well as the life of each community, country, planet.

angels-everywhereWe pray with open hearts that through this election in the United States of America, the team and persons that will be for the highest good and highest healing for the whole will be the ones elected by the people to support a higher consciousness of uniting all in oneness, and WE consciousness, blessings all inhabitants and the planet. We know you know who they are.

We surrender our individual ego and surrender to the Divine within. We extract from the the matrix of fear and align with the positive light of love and keep our hearts, eyes on God goodness and possibility in this moment of now.

We invite and accept the support and help of the 100% benevolent beings of our star sisters and brothers in this endeavor and matter. Now is the time.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We are indeed blessed!”

Namasté Maria Kramer

I AM aligned with God Calibration

Hello beautiful you.

As all the energies are expanding at the moment I want to share with you glorious and powerful intention I found a while ago on the internet from Bill Austin and I uses it very often. It strengthens our energy field and vessel with high vibrational energy which through claiming communion with Source dissolves all less than loving energies, and attachments. Many are feeling the push-pull of the lover vibrational energies doing it’s best to tighten the ropes and cause confusion, angel, fear in ways that are quiet unpleasant.

We are at a time where it is in our highest interest to keep our eyes peeled on the Divine at all times and Command the light of love to fill us. To master remaining neutral in our emotions and not get trapped in the drama trauma chaos that appears to our human eyes.

If you are called you can exchange the name God for Divine Intelligence, Source. I find it works wonderful when read out loud with enthusiasm.

opening heartI am Aligned With God Calibration

I now align with God. I am one with God. God please clear and remove any blocks or obstacles I have to becoming one with you or any blocks I have to become 100% sovereign. God please fill me with love, peace, grace, healing and truth. 

God please help me surrender as much as I can at this time to you. God please place me into a state of serenity and clarity and optimal functioning and well-being. God please clear my past. God please open my heart and mind to the fullest extent possible at this time. 

God please align my ego with the will of God. God please deactivate my ego and open me to oneness. God please deactivate, deprogram, and shut down any and all interference, mind control, subversion, subjugation, and any matrix energies within my  energetic systems, spaces and my quantum fields, parts and particles. God please deprogram me from mass duality and tribal consciousness and deprogram me from family and religious programming. God please illuminate my shadow and dissolve as much of it as possible at this time from my quantum fields, parts and particles and from my energetic systems. 

God please clear me of attachments that are less than Divine. God shield me of attachments that are less than Divine. God please align my ego to the Divine. God transform me into a hollow reed, for the Divine energy to flow through. God please align my will with the will of the  Divine. God align my vessel of light with the Divine vessel of light. God please align my mind with the Divine. 

God I ask for a new alignment and even deeper relationship with you. God please raise my level of consciousness as well as my love, light, service and Christ  consciousness quotients to the highest levels that I can tolerate now. God please align me with the Truth and Love and Light of God on all levels to the fullest extent possible at this time. God please help me to be peaceful, serene, compassionate and nonattached.

God please blast, clear, release and heal on all levels any disturbed energies; less than love interference; matrix energies; karma; cords; discrepancies, curses, spells and  hexes; dense, stuck, slow, stagnant, congested energies; less than love energies; negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions; entities, implants and any non-me frequencies etc. going beyond all that I know to ask for from my aura, energetic systems and quantum fields and particles. God please extend this clearing to my business, websites, home, land, personal property, car and personal office space. 

God please clear any underlying patterns or energetic anchors allowings and permissions or auric leaks, rips and tears going beyond all that I know to ask for in my energy field that creates an opening for any less-than-love, non-me frequencies to enter my quantum fields, aura, energetic systems, business, website, home, real and personal property, car etc. God please clear out any and all energetic anchorings, allowings and permissions that allow me to be influenced and/or interfered with by the dark side. 

nature-heart06God please heal my body, mind, heart and soul to the fullest extent possible at this time. God please clear, heal, upgrade and recalibrate all  of my chairs up to full function at the level of 100% and in the divine ideal level of opening, direction, spin and flow. God please heal my DNA and any genetic predispositions that allow or support an energetic imbalance to the fullest extent possible now. God please heal all my energy bodies, quantum and subatomic fields, energetic systems etc. 

God please clear release and heal my cellular memory, addictive patterns and programming, impatience, lust, greed, unkindness, sarcasm, core fear, trauma, guilt, shame, depression, stress, anxiety, tension, worry, grieving and memories as much as is possible at this time. 

God please clear out all energetic patterns around doubt, deserving, feeling unloved, unappreciated or unsupported. loneliness, self sabotage, and lack of self-love, esteem, and acceptance from my consciousness at all levels of my being. God please clear any blocks I have to giving, receiving, flow, abundance and any blocks that obstruct my ability to connect with the universal flow of abundance. 

God please clear me from learning my lessons by playing them out in the physical plane of duality. God please release from the limitations, bondages, constraints of cause /effect, time, money, energy, duality consciousness, drama and processing.


Mario Duguay

God please establish a perimeter 5,000 miles long in all directions around my quantum fields and particles, consciousness, aura, and energetic systems, as well as around my websites so that no thing of being with less than  100% Love can enter into this sacred space or impact me or my websites in any less than 100% Love manner.

Bill Austin

I wish you many blessings on an amazingly beautiful God aligned day !

Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa



The Power of Release

Full moon blessings to you this glorious day of August.

On the eve of the Full moon eclipse as I get ready for a distance healing session I am suddenly inspired to share on the power of release as that is often what we do on the full moon. There are so many ways to release and purposes for releasing I feel guided to share a few you might find supportive of your path at this time.

Every thing in life is is constant flow and it follows a wonderful eternal principle of inflow and outflow. One can witness all of nature  living that process effortlessly without resistance. At the ocean the waves roll in onto the shore and recede back into the ocean in a very beautiful easy rhythm. Trees and plants grow leaves and flowers and the bud and blossom and then fall off with grace and ease to the grown releasing it’s grip in a graceful dance of surrendering to next phase. 

For humans there is the release of what no longer serves us as we have outgrown an experience, a set of clothes, a relationship, food, jobs, thoughts, beliefs, concepts, lifestyle etc. Many through the energy of fear have become extremely adept at holding on to things whatever they might be. When we hold on it literally dams the space for for something new to show up for us. 

buddhaRelease attachments to outcome is another important area to bring release to. Create and focus on what you want see it sense it feel it done but then set it free and let the Universe bring it to you without your attachment to how it needs to show up. 

The need to know, time, money, are another areas many are attached to like glue. I need to know! It has become an addiction. The more we are in fear the more closed the door and the bigger the dam. 

What have you outgrown that you can offer a release to at this time and gift it back to source for recycling?  

What concepts, beliefs, thoughts, habits, patterns, fears, are passé and it is a good time to release and open space for something even better to show up for you? 

What bitterness resentments, anger, grief, sadness, guilt, judgements, fears are damming up the quality of your life? These emotions can create quite a dam in all areas of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

If you look at your plate of daily activities, to do lists, how hight is it piled and what can you take off your plate so to speak. How can you simplify and bring more peace and ease into your life. 

A long time ago someone said give away that which you want to bring into your life. If you want more money give away money. If you want more books give some away. the sea with clothes, love etc. Try it.

When we release we surrender it to Divine light of infinite love and know we are whole without it  and because of the release. We are saying yes to living freely in the ever lowing river of life trusting all is well.  The elimination of something in our life is always a beautiful indication that something even better than you can imagine is on it’s way to you. 

feel good

Here are some great intentions that have worked well for me you might like to use.

“I let go of everything and everybody that is no longer a part of the Divine plan of my life. I now release and I am now released from everything and everybody who is no longer a part of the divine plan for my life. Everything and everyone who is no longer a part of the Divine plan of my life now releases me and finds their good elsewhere.  I now expand quickly into the Divine plan of my life, where all conditions are permanently perfect.”

 “I fully and freely forgive. I loose and let go. I let go and let God. I fully and completely forgive everyone and everything that ever needed forgiveness from me. I now receive forgiveness from everybody and everything of my past and present. I  now fully and completely forgive myself.  We are all free now to move forward into our joy.” 

“With this release I am open to receive all the good the universe has for me now.”

Enjoy the Full moon light receiving your release as you offer it up to the creator for something divinely new to be received. 


Maria L’Aria Raa




I AM the Light

Hello sweet soul of light,

It feels like this month of August which is the 8 month of the calendar year is infusing the energy of remembrance of who we are at a deep soul and cellular level.  I connect with the  8 as a vertical infinity symbol also known as a lemniscate or horizontal infinity symbol.

Through the 8 we are blessed with connecting with Source, God supreme being and feel the bliss if the union as we are never separate, as it is only in our perception through fear can that view arise. There is never, has never been and will ever be a time we are not in connection to the Divine being we are in oneness with source. Only in our human minds is separation possible. We are always and in ALL ways able to feel the love and light when we reside in the truth of our being and not in the fear consciousness of separation.

When we see, feel, sense with our heart, we enter into connectivity  and communion with the One Heart of all life forms and know beyond a shadow of a doubt truth at a deep profound level that is not explainable to the mind. It is a knowing a claircognizance.

8 is also a represents to me our DNA structure and so the more we feel into the flow of the infinite being we are the more our body cells responds and aligns and becomes healthier. 

Here is a beautiful prayer that will bless you with lifting our of the cloudy  ego perception into Divine mind knowing. 

I invite you to sit a moment place your hands on your right hand on your heart and left hand over the right and  take a deep breath cleansing breath in and exhale fully. Envision sitting in a figure 8 you in the bottom loop and Source God in the upper loop. Every breath is an invitation to full communion with the Divinity you are and you are apart of always.  

hand heart

The Prayer of Light
Let there be Light for Light is who I am
Let there be Peace for Peace is who I am
I align to the great mighty Source of the Central Sun
Illuminate us to the highest cause of Light and benevolent action of all
All legions, teams, realms, dimensions, sovereign holy power of Light, unite in me and restore and heal all
Enlighten all minds to the mind of Christ
May truth be restored to the Light Divine
Restore the cells to the cells of Light, our divine original blueprint.
And so it is.

I am not sure who wrote this but it is beautiful and was called to share this day. 

Many Blessings and have an infinitely glorious day

Namasté Maria 

August Courageous Awesomeness

Hello sweet soul

The moon in Leo and new month. This is an especially wonderful month as we celebrate the warm month of summer in the northern hemisphere. The energies that are being called forth is the energy of the Leo:

Courage to make changes.
Courage to come out and be seen.
Courage to take risks you have been procrastinating on taking.
Courage to be YOU.
Courage to be Authentic and different. 
Courage to walk your truth.
Courage to Wake up out of the deep slumber of illusionary fear
Courage to live your dream now instead of later.


Have you had ideas you have been working on in your inner being but something has been holding you back? Have you felt complacent and sticking with what is familiar even though something is calling your heart to jump into a new sea of possibilities? This is the month to take the actions and just do it.

 “August is inviting us to lift out of chaos of FEAR and into the joyously awesomeness of ourselves.”

Often a breakdown happens through a healing crisis of sort, either a health, job or relationship crisis. It is funny how we say we have a breakdown and fear it. If people when going through a nervous or mental breakdown could look at it with new perception of how amazing an experience that it is as it is an internal thing that is saying something is not working anymore and I must do and be something different. Perhaps it is because all old structures must break down before we can create a new empowered structure. We see it on a world level and galactic level at he moment as well The ways of the past does not work at all. 

crisisopportunityWhether that is our own or it is on a global scale. What if we call it a Breakthrough? On a global scale which is but a reflection of each of our inner breakdowns and turmoil, we can witness how out of alignment all is and how we have held on tight to the familiar even if it has long since stopped working just like staying at a job or in a relationship we have outgrown.

Most people only change and try something new when the pain is more than they can bear and have been completely worn down and ready to surrender.  Why not try something new before it get’s that far out of hand. On another level I also know everything happens for us and not to us although it might not seem so at the moment it is occurring. We are here to grow and evolve as a spirit being in human form and to master ourselves to live ore harmoniously and loving with ourselves and each other. 

What is your life has gotten to the point of enough is enough?

What is it you believe will happen if you follow your bliss?

I invite you to ask “What else is possible in my life?  Create vision boards. Daydream and birth your dreams alive. Perhaps you want to live in a different place, state country than you do. What is stopping you. Perhaps you want to create your dream livelihood. Perhaps you want to start your own business, expand your business, find a perfect life partner and you have al these I call “why nots” “why you can’t” in your mind.  Angel Ariel often says “The thing that if it happened would seem too good to be true is exactly what you came here to experience and be.” If not now then when? 


What if true courage was to live your dream, create your life as a living work of art that is totally different than anyone else’s.  Most times we want the road map and honestly I have not found one it. It seems it is written and drawn as we move forward one step at a time. Our only job is the trust the next step that we take as as we do we are guided to the next and the next and the path appears. 

Sometimes the courage we are needing to grow is the ability to say NO because we have been taught it is not polite. Maybe it is the courage to love ourselves more and beat ourselves up mentally less. Maybe it is to hunk more positive and less negative. Maybe it is to stand in your truth for your children on issues most do  not have the courage to. 

What firewalk and initiation to expand your beingness and take yourself to the next level have you been afraid to take? 

We have so many helpers from the angelic realm and spirit realm and soul council you would be absolutely astonished. The one thing that is for certain is that they can only help us if we keep moving and we ask. When we are frozen in fear they cannot reach to help and support us.  

it-takes-courage-to-grow-up-become-who-you-really-are-courage-quoteThe greatest courage we can master is to listen to the inner voice of loving guidance from our soul walk like the lion fearlessly by itself awhile and not listen to the opinions of others. No one will walk in our shoes so to expect someone else to guide us is actually quite a silly idea. If I truly loved myself fully, completely, compassionately, patiently, peacefully, joyously and walked like a proud awesome authentic lion in this world what would that look like?  What is one courageous way would be to release judgement to be more at peace? 

Enjoy the Lion walk this month and walk the path of expressing your unique greatness in full self~trust and self~love and infinite joy. 

Many Blessings 

Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa

Blue Starborn Message and Light Language Transmission

Hello Beloved one,

I feel most delighted in sharing a spontaneous message from the Blue Starborn I channeled July 10, 2016 The blue Starborn are high vibrational Beings who work diligently to support the Earth and her in habitants in the ascension process. They are some of the very first beings to walk the earth and their presence has been recorded in ancient India as evidences in the blue coloration of lord Shiva and Krishna.

Enjoy the message and the Light Language transmission at the end to gift you with remembrance, wholing and lightness.

I feel deeply honored to share this message and know it will support you on your journey.

I am thrilled to have been able to expand in the ways of technology with the help of beautiful earth angels.  Yippiii!!! Thank you Daniela  and Hector. You are awesome! It continues to amaze me how we are thrust into new ways of service and given the support needed to grow.

Many blessings and hearthugs of lovelovelove from our heart to yours

Maria L’Aria Raa Kramer

Audio message 

Video message 

Written Transcribed message




Angel Daniel Homecoming Message

Hello beautiful one,

One of the attendees in the IET® DNA Activation Tele~class received Angel Daniel’s blessing card of “Homecoming” and I was asked if I could explain what that means. So I thought I would share on this topic this magnificent day.

Homecoming is coming home to your true Divine Self, which is free of grudges, angers, bitterness, resentments from past or present judgements. It is the return to living in the soul~heart of knowing truth instead of from programed fear. Through the energy of forgiveness we release the attachment to any source of fear based judgement that have clouded our vision and trapped our energy in lack, limitation and self~judgement. Living in the NOW of peace as the Divine spirit/soul we are FREE of opinions and condemnation of any experience we have held.


It is the centering or anchoring into truth from the illusion of fear and separation we have allowed our ego to take us on over a long while. It is the return to self~empowerment, claiming our power back so to speak as we unplug, deprogram, delete all the fear based virus programming we have been been swimming in for eons of time keeping us captive  and controllable as a mass consciousness.

It is an invitation to remember we are all one and there are no victims or bad guys only souls on a planet having experiences with the purpose of returning to the truth of our individual being and the being in Oneness we all are.  When we have travelled far and long enough on our journey of pain we eventually are invited over and over again to seize the opportunity to return home to our angelic selves of unconditional love, peace and harmony and seeing the world and ourselves as we truly are.

When we work with the energy of the Angelic frequency of the Daniel it offers the glorious gift to step into the final stage of divine non-judgement which is the true energy of forgiveness. When we have awoken out of the dream of judgement, separation and fear we remember who we are. Not just from a mental conceptual state but in the very core of our being. We the Universe. We are source. We are angels. We are light. We are Creators. We are God. We are Divine Intelligence. We are light particles of Energy in eloquent motion.

20160606_193317Message from The Angel Daniel,

Sweet beloved ones of infinite eternal magnificent light of love that you are in oneness with source of all that is.

Homecoming is the most delicious, succulent, effervescent, joyous experience that brings knowing of truth inner peace, bliss, in ways that is beyond words as they are completely ineffective at describing what it is of feel it with every cell of your beingness. Homecoming is the only true freedom that exists for in coming home to The Self from the separate self you are returned to the expanded truth of All and purely residing in the present moment. Here Now. It is the acceptance  total conscious co-createorship and as such there is no good or bad. It is the “being in the world and yet not of it” as a wise Master once said.

Beloved one,

Take a deep breath…..Breathe our energy into your sacred heart space. Breathe in the purity of light that you are. Breathe in the love that you are. Breathe in the joy that you are. Breathe in the compassion that you are. Breathe in the pure peace of infiniteness you are. Breathe in the eternalness that you are.  Feel your heart beat in unison with mine. Breathe in the vibration of the Daniel.  Feel the peace. Feel the bubbaliciousness the sparkling joy that we are. Fell it fill your heart and let it flow through all your veins and energy pathways, your brain, your organs, your energy fields. Breathe in the energy of the REAL you and let witness it feel it pulsate vigorously and joyfully through the vehicle of what you call a body. We are you. You are us.

When ever you feel the need for support and feel the call to come home to YOU, remember this: “Breathe in the forgiveness energy of pure unconditional love that we bring you. Call upon us. Breathe in the vibration I AM and feel the bubbaliciosness of effervescent joy and peace fill you to overflowing. We are always here and ready to be of service. Call upon us and we are with you instantaneously. We love you beyond words. Feel our love surround and envelope you and fill you. Invite us to guide you to see you and the world with eyes of divine angel eyes as we do you.

We are complete ……..Angel Daniel.

Through Maria Kramer 7/5/16 

Namasté Maria L’Aria





Grace & Gratitude

Hello beloved One,

The energy of Gratitude is generates an amazingly freeing energy around letters that birth a word into being.  Gratitude is a way to step into full acceptance of what is without judgement. Gratitude is fullness, wholeness and completeness. It says all is well in this moment. It lifts our vibration and is the only energy that can shift our consciousness from anger and judgement into true joy which is our natural state of being. Anger and judgement is fear, victim mentality and lack expressed. We feel something is missing and a state of not enough~ness is being felt.

“Living in Grace and Gratitude changes all we do, feel, think and who we are. It allows Source Love and lIght to permeate through each and every part of our Being.” Maria Kramer

When we are able to be grateful for EVERYTHING in our lives, especially that which we judge as a loss, lack, injustice, wrong,  we lift into a higher consciousness of enough~ness, wholeness, fullness and empowerment. As soon as the energy of gratitude fills us we are blessed with a deep peace of Grace filling us to overflowing.  Gratitude brings us into unity with Source and we receive the Grace of God in Oneness with the energy of pure unconditional love. Grace to me is the Holy spirit pouring forth in union with the Divine love we are. Gratitude of all, is acceptance of all life as it unfolds and in the surrender of judgement we begin to swim the sweet ocean of Grace which really is beyond words.

Simple ways to lift your consciousness into Gratitude and Grace are offering the words: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”  as your mantra of the day for everything that shows up in your life and your thoughts. Remember, everything shows up FOR us not TO us. This applies to all the judgement thoughts we have of ourselves as well.

A question that works well is: “What is RIGHT about this I am not getting?”

What if when you say grace at meal time, you were able to express it with such deep feeling of gratitude from the core of your soul remembering all the people that made it possible to bring all the ingredient’s necessary to the table and you enjoy it?  I wonder how that would make you feel and how that might make mealtime a spiritual experience as well.

In deepest Gratitude

Blessings of infinite love

Maria L’Aria Raa