Remote Healing

Distance Group Healing Tele ~ Conference 

Thursdays March 3/30/2023

8PM – 9:15 PM

Release interference energies that are binding you from being free to flow with ease in life within the light of divine will, love and wisdom

If you feel stuck or constricted in your forward movement of feeling connected to the divine this session will be a blessing. 

 Healing our ancestral lines and bring healing to all as it affects us

 Healing to our inner children that needs healing for us 

 Healing our soul history and multidimensional selves that is affecting us

related to whatever your personal intentions are

Can you use a little bit of love from above?  

Are you feeling deep inner and outer shifts, stress, changes and need to support?

Do you give and forget to receive?

Then this is a wonderful way to receive.

Remote group healing or distance healing is a powerful way to receive a session as the group dynamic follows the concept of when two or more are gathered we facilitate a healing and restoration on a deep level.

“Love is the answer. What’s your Question?” Derek O’Neill

Maria L’Aria Raa facilitates remote IET® with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field, healing light of Violet, Gold, Blue and Platinum frequencies with the assistance, of the Pleiadians, Blue Starborn, Yeshua, Arcturians, Benevolent ones, Ascended Masters and your own person guides and angels. She often facilitate a Light Language Transmission and Grace Light of love with the purpose of supporting your illumination of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies and restoring them to original Self~Ascended Divine blueprint.

It supports you in living from the Soul Heart of Love instead of the fear based pain body. Every cell remembers feelings and energy clearing is a way to keep our cells, and energy fields clear much like we clean our physical vessels and houses. Like deleting old outdated fear based software and upgrading your cell memory.

These sessions help you FREE yourself from limiting old patterns, lack, guilt, doubt, distrust, shame, judgements, just, grief, sadness, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, bitterness, powerlessness and receive infusement of pure, loving essence of the Divine Light of innocence, trust, authenticity, freedom, faith, love, prosperity, support, forgiveness, empowerment and safety and aligning you to and accelerate your soul’s purpose.

The Sessions work as follows. You can attend in one of two ways.  Find a spot to rest during the sessions preferably lying down and close your eyes and intend to receive and connect with me in consciousness as I do you. It is best to have an intention for the session and you can express that to the higher powers as you lay down. You will  receive a confirmation email after payment is received.

You will receive a conference call number so you can also listen during the session.

You will also be included on daily prayer list.


Maria L’Aria Raa

 Energy Exchange 1 Individual session $40 

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Energy Exchange 3 sessions $111
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To register click above and you will be added to the list and receive a confirmation and direction for receiving the most out of your session.

Here is what others experienced  as a result of the sessions

Maria, I want to thank you for the healing Wednesday it was awesome!  Jennifer

Thank you for a wonderful session. I’m glad I could do it sound connected – I only had silent sessions up to this point. The messages penetrated really deep and were try inspirational. Lucy

Thank you so much Maria. That was extremely helpful and healing today. Intense and mind blowing! You are such a gift to humanity! Thanks for all the work you do! Lydia

Wonderful healing last night. Needed that very much. Amy

Thank you so much Maria for this month of healing. So beautiful. I am so grateful for these healing sessions- they have come at the perfect divine time- a beautiful way to bring healing, love, compassion and nurturing to myself. Teresa

Thank you Maria  Thank you last night was incredible. I feel a lot better after last night. Lila

Thank you, Maria Simply divine!!!! You are a gift:) So much love. Rosanna

What a wonderful session that was last evening! I believed we all received exactly what we needed at that time.  Lori

That was so huge .. Courtney

God Bless you Maria. It was a wonderful healing session I had a swollen ankle which was healed. Thank you again. Janice.

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