Ascended Numerology™

Are you ready to begin Unlocking the soul code

This is a most powerful, delightful, insightful, deeply healing, profound revelatory  spiritual process that will gift you so much awareness, understanding, and miracles. It has had a profound effect in my life as I learned it in  2014 with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa and continue to enjoy applying it to many aspects in my life. I so enjoy offering these  session for others to witness their Aha moments and deep understanding and guidance that come through the numbers. 

Imagine unlocking the inner wisdom contained within the code of your soul!

What would it reveal to you?
What would it confirm?
What would you do with this extraordinary information and insight?

I invite you to let go of everything you ever thought you knew about numerology, birth dates and astrology, as you open the door to the Ancient Mystical blessing of Ascended Numerology™!

Ascended Numerology™ is a totally unique system of working with the mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives.  

This system was lost when the library at Alexandria was burned, and this arcane system of knowledge was replaced with an earthbound alignment of numbers as revealed through Pythagoras. This was expanded upon by other astrologers of various origins for many millennia. While these systems have served humanity for several millennia, the greater ascension energy that is now present upon our planet has called out to expand the wisdom of all beings of divine love!

The lost sequences and interpretations of the meaning of these numbers apply to literally everything!  Your birth name, your birthplace, your birth date, specific life events and so much more: you can literally apply the codes to just about everything.

To Schedule your empowerment and revelatory session today and unlock your soul’s code and gain greater clarity than ever before send an email to

You will receive a recording of the session as well as PDF with information to support your continued journey.


Discover you Diamond Foundation and the power of working with it.    $144

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Diamond Foundation and 1-3 other personal questions. $222

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Please email to schedule session and receive invoice for session. Payment is required before session. 

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