“Be Still and know that I Am God” 

Meditation is the way we step into communion with the Divine as we stop talking and begin to listen. As you may have noticed God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we may listen twice as much as we speak. It is an imperative practice to commit to if you want to experience more peace, joy and balance in your life. When I began to attend workshops with individuals who were very much at peace I would ask them all the same question:”What do you do daily to achieve this sense of peace in your life?” and they would all give me the same answer: “meditation”.

I realized that if I wanted to experience the same level of peace and communion with the Divine it was a practice I needed to develop. Although I have always meditated by being present with animals and the beautiful nature around me as I grew up on a farm, my first formal introduction to Meditation was from a book back in 1994 shortly after my son was born and it was counting my breath. A very effective way to slow the breath as you focus inward. As the years went by I have learned many different ways to meditate and all are valuable and I will share several to help you connect to one that works for you.

Here are some simple and profound Meditations for you to enjoy
meditation guy

“THUS I AM BORN Thus I am born Make me speak soft, sweet words; Make me behave comfortingly to all; Let me do deeds that shower happiness on all, And form ideas in my mind that are beneficial to all. May this day be made worthwhile by thy service.” A PRAYER BY SATHYA SAI BABA

So Hum Breath Meditation

I first learned this wonderful ancient meditation in 2004 from Derek O’Neill during a More Truth will set you free workshop and It brings you into a profoundly deep place of peace and oneness with all that is. I trust you may find it will offer you the same blissful state of loving being-ness.

This is a sacred old mantra to bring one into communion with The Divine Spirit. So, meaning I am one with God Hum, meaning I am never separate from God. In other words “I am that I am”. Begin by sitting on the floor or on a chair with your back straight. Focusing on your breath say the word So silently to your self. As you exhale say the word Hum silently. Keep repeating this mantra until you find yourself drifting into silence and communion with God. You may wish to continue the breath for 108 breaths. You will notice your breath slow down and you will feel a deep stillness within you that brings peace and joy throughout your entire being.

So hum as a deep Healing Meditation.

Sit comfortably with your back straight either on the floor in Yoga lotus position or on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Imagine yourself sitting in a pyramid of golden light. Now imagine a ball of golden white light emanating from the bottom of your spine or base chakra. As you inhale deeply imagine the ball of light moving up your spine over the back of your head to the front of your ending in the third eye / forehead while saying So silently. Hold the breath for a few moments and as you inhale slowly imagine the ball of light move in reverse from the third eye back down the spine to the base of the spine as you say Hum silently. Repeat the So Hum breath movement 20 times for a total of 21 times. On the 21st time bring the ball of light up into the third eye and allow it to emanate out into the world. You will find yourself in a quiet, calm, loving, blissful state of presence that creates a wonderful communion with Divine Spirit in complete Oneness .

17 Second Breath Meditation

A wonderful way to bring your self back into your heart as thoughts or emotions arise is to use this simple yet profound technique. Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath. Continue breathing in and out as you count to 17. Very simple and very effective. To use it as a meditation continue as long as you feel guided , perhaps 17 breaths, perhaps 17 minutes and enjoy deepening into peace.

Angel Meditation

Connecting with the angels are an amazing way to remember your Divine innate goodness and true self. I tallows us to truly know we are not alone ever and as we ask to connect with them they speedily do. It is a most empowering way of meditating to facilitate connection to the Divine Angelic realm outside of us and inside of us. If you practice this for just a few minutes you will notice a deeper peace building within you steadily day by day. You will also begin to desire to extend the time you commune with the Divine at a pace comfortable to you. Close your eyes and focus on your heart space where the energy of love and light reside. The Divine essence that you are. Imagine, see, sense, or feel a light shining there. Perhaps the size of a seed perhaps a ball of light. As you connect with something you are grateful for feel your heart open. Imagine your heart expanding and glowing brighter and lighter. Petition an angel of your choice to connect with you and allow yourself to feel them cascading you with love. Feel it filling your heart and body. Sit for as long as you choose to enjoy this uplifting healing energy.

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