IET logo Intro jpgIntroduction via Tele class to Integrated Energy Therapy® 


Time : 7:30PM ~ 8:30PM

“Are you ready to get the issues out of the tissues for good”

Learn how the body remembers what the mind forgets, where in the body and field the memory is stored and how easily you can release that negative memory and live clean, clear, illuminated as you shift your vibration and frequency. Experience a healing Heartlink meditation and receive a powerful and blissful 5 Minute IET empowerment session. All over the phone – Video call  from the comfort of your home.

You will receive the Conference call info after you have registered for the class by email to


World Peace Meditation 

December 31 – 12 PM – 1:30 PM

Gathering all earth angels to join the millions around the world in the power of love and peace aligning your inner universe and outer universe in peace. Spiritual inspiration and guided peace meditation. A great way to BE the change we wish to see in the wold. 

Donation of your heart

via  Venmo@ maria-kramer-11    or    PayPal.Me/awaken444   or

Abundance Exchange $22

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Tuesday January  3, 2022

OMRI-TAS Healing Meditation

3 PM – 4 PM EST

Meet the ruler of the violet planet, who is particularly available on the 3rd of every month and very involved in our planets evolution as well as humanity it self. Get to know this amazing being and experience a powerful healing for self and the world. Learn how you can connect and be in service to the light and healing for yourself and the world in a more expanded way on a daily basis.. 

Abundance Exchange $22

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Winter Solstice Tele Meditation

Thursday  December 21, 2023

12 PM – 1:15 PM ET

This December 21st 2022 is an extremely important time for humanity individually and as a whole. We are moving through a gateway both  energetically and physically.  Join together for an empowered evening for ourselves and humanity, connecting to the planets and the galactic beings supporting us at the moment.  

Abundance Exchange $12.21

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fairyliftClear Fear ~ Claim Peace Tele/ Webinar


7:30pm – 9 PM EST

Learn  5 simple ways to clear fear and lift into true peace.

Exit the matrix of conditioning and align with your Inner Holy Sovereign self.

We will practice these ways as well as Maria will lead a powerful guided meditation with ascended Masters and angels of pure light

Abundance Exchange  $33

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Epiphany Celebration

Meet the Three Wise Kings Tele-Conference
Friday 1/6/2023

from the comfort of your home


Gather to celebrate together with the 3 Magi that traveled far to meet the Christ child.
From the expanded view: Why then and why it matters now.
Learn about the Star that guided them and how it can guide you.
The Orion Constellation. Sirius.
Meet the 3 Holy Magi, personally.
Discover who they were then, where did they come from?
Who they are as Ascend masters now.
How they are available to support our ascension journey today.
Learn about the physical and metaphysical properties of the gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold,
Why and how they can be used in your lives n now more than ever.
Experience a beautiful Guided meditation.

Abundance Exchange $33

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Raise your Vibration from Judgement to Joy Tele-class
  10 AM – 11:30 PM EDT

What does it mean,
Why it is important
How to lift yourself into higher vibration
Experience Energy Processes to clear your field and lift into joy now.

Call will be recorded and you will receive a copy after the class
Energy Exchange $ 22

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Empowerment Session Tele-class

12:00PM -1:30PM EST


Are the thoughts you are thinking yours or someone else’s?
Are the beliefs you run your life by yours or someone else’s?
Are the emotions you are feeling yours or someone else’s?

Clear old soul and group mind interferance energies.
Free yourself to create the empowered peaceful world you are craving for.

Call will be recorded and you will receive a copy after the class

Energy Exchange $27

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Energetic Protection with Angels and Ancient Chants
Via Tele / Veb class
12 PM – 2 PM EDT


Do you feel drained, fatigued a lot or a little? 

Do you get  weird cravings, mood swings?

Learn about Interference energy and how it can affect our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing
How to protect your self from interference
Learn how to clear lower vibrational energies from your body, energy field and space.
Hands on clearing sessions

Learn what angels to call upon and ancient chants to keep your field and body clear.

Call will be recorded and you will receive a copy after the class

Energy Exchange $44

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Change your life creating Sacred Relationship this season

Video – Tele-Class

 Thursday February 10 at 7 PM – 9 PM ish  EST

Would you like to bring sacredness into every interaction you have every day?
What is a sacred relationship? 
What’s angels got to do with it?
How is it different from regular ordinary relations?
Why does it matter? 
How is it possible?
 Inner and Outer. people, Self, Plants, Animals, Water, Laundry, Healing your Heart
Q & A
Experience the profoundly healing and powerful IET® Angelic Gathering and Sowelu processes.
You can instantaneously reactivate in any circumstances stance. 
Be empowered to change your destiny. 

I use it every day and it has changed my life since 2004.
It is one of my favorite techniques and life tools. 

Abundance Exchange $50

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Living Light and Abundance with

Saint Lucia & Goddess Lakshmi

Monday 12/13/2021

8:00 PM – 9:15PM

December 13 is St Lucia day.. Bring in the light with these beautiful energies as we create a new inner and outer world. We will set clear intentions as we open to receive and be in greater divine flow in all ways for this cycle and 2022, claim our light fully, open to receive and align with all the good the Divine is waiting to shower upon us and enter into communion via guided meditation with both and receive their gifts as well as L’Aria Raa will facilitate a Light Language transmission.

Abundance Exchange $21.21

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Thanksgiving ~ Gratitude Gathering Tele-Meditation

Tuesday 11/22/2022

8PM – 9:15PM

Join together for a powerful sacred time of raising our vibration with the energy of Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Release resistance to what is, heal, open the heart through Gratitude. Flowing with the energy of the Full moon eclipse this weekend gifts the opportunity for powerful shifts.

Abundance Exchange $22

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