Special IET® Event

October 8, 9, 10, 11 ~ 2021

Venice Florida

Are you ready for some Self-Mastery with the angels and truly master the IET processes to create the life enhancing shifts you are looking for?

Come together to meet and reunite with known soul buddies and  fellow IET earth angels. Benefit from the group consciousness empowering yourself to lift into a higher vibration and therefore blessing all being on the planet with upliftment.

Join Maria for a life changing 4 day event with the Angels. We will focus on self treatment, group  work as well as healing for the planet.

Raise your vibration and frequency. Let go of old ballast. Create the dream life that is too good to be true.

4 day Immersion in the

14 Steps to Transformation

All days are from 9:30 AM – 6 PM

Maria will share her angelic energy connection with you, and teach you to establish your own energetic “Heartlink” connection with the energy of nine Healing Angels of the Violet Ray.

You will learn to use ancient sacred geometry, combined with special techniques that Stevan J. Thayer channeled from Angel Ariel, to “get the issues out of your tissues for good”!

In addition to experiencing these 14 Steps to Transformation, you will learn hand mudras that will let you instantly re-activate them anytime.

You will receive a 2 workbooks and certificates of completion.

Quite the opposite of “no pain – no gain”, the motto of this Power Steps To Transformation program is “no pleasure – no treasure”.


Friday and Saturday 

Step 1: Heartlink® with your Angels…..Learn how to connect to your Angels and find out who the Angels are of the Healing Energy Field used in IET. Learn what a Heartlink is and how this powerful energy  and tool can be used to send healing remotely and directly to yourself in your body, energy centers, field and others.

Step 2: Activating Your 12 Strand DNA.…….This class will use the power of the IET energy ray to activate your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA and bring you into alignment with the very mission of your soul as well as you will be guided through a visualization in which you create a mental image of you perfect life, physical body, lifestyle, livelyhood, romance, prosperity and perfect world.

Step 3: Clearing your Karma with the Energy of Angels……..Do you ever find yourself in the same situations and limiting life habit patterns? These repeat situations are the result of Karma. This class and meditation will lead you through powerful IET Karma Clearing process to clean up your Karma easily and gracefully with the Energy of Angels. This is great for addictions, limiting beliefs, patterns, self sabotage, fears and phobias.

leo-radiance-from-your-heart-holemanStep 4: The IET Forgiveness Process…….This class and meditation will bring forward three people from the past, present, and you that you can choose to forgive. It is one of the most powerful classes we teach as this powerful IET process truly helps you to forgive and forget The key to living peace in the present moment.

Step 5 : Empowered heart /Essential Action Process.…..The Empowered Heart is the result of the energetic union of the heart and power centers. When we live our lives with the empowered heart energy we automatically express our true essence into the world in service to others. Angel Ariel describes this true essence as being like a core seed that is within each of us. The angels call this expression of our true essence our “essential action”. This class and meditation will help us live from an empowered heart.

stepscloudStep 6: Future life Progression.…You have heard about past life regressions in which you take a guided journey back into one of your past lifetimes to heal a karmic issue. In this class and meditation, we journey forward with the help of our angels and soul council to a future lifetime in which we were successful in mastering all our lessons and living our true life’s purpose. We then bring the energy of that future lifetime back into this lifetime to help us accelerate our spiritual growth.


Step 7: The IET Freedom Process……Ever felt drained when around certain people or situations? This class and meditation will lead you through an IET process of cutting the cords of codependency that prevent you from living your life’s essential action. By cutting cords with past and present relationships, you are able to retrieve some of the power that you have given away and return that which you have energetically taken also. This class is amazing and assists so much in the healing process!

stairelightSunday and Monday 

Step 8: WAG Phase 2 ~ Grid Healing  …..A beautiful and profoundly deep Process as you learn and practice how to clear resistance to love and imprint empowerment in yourself and people world-wide for the benefit of all living beings. Learn how to extend this gift to all past incarnations of your self and your ancestral lineage.

Step 9: WAG Phase 3 ~ Pure Joy…..  Are you ready to live pure JOY, Your natural state of being? Want to play with the Cherubs and feel their effervescent energy? Learn and practice adding a layer of Pure Joy to the World Angel Grid with the help of the Cherubs, and can be used again as many times as you like.

earth-angel-marija-schwarzStep 10: WAG Phase 3 ~ Compassion….Lift into your empowered heart and offer compassion to yourself and others. Learn The New Angel Wash Process, Experience Angel Ariel’s HeartSeed Process, Let Compassion Bloom Brilliantly In Your Life, and Travel Inter-Dimensionally into the Dimension of Love.

Step 11: Homecoming….. You will meet your personal angel guide who will help you to discover your special healing and empowerment Heartlight colors, who will then work with you to create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary. You will then move energetically deep within this sanctuary to powerfully experience the energy that unifies all life, which will move you beyond your ego’s idea of self, to discover your true spiritual self.

Step 12 : Unity in Action…..Angel Ariel bringing in the 2012 Unity Shift, which moves you to the crystalline vibration. From there you will journey to the highest angelic realms where, working with the support of your personal angel guide, you will create your own personal crystal key which you will use to unlock your heart’s code and become Unity in Action.

cloud reflectionStep 13: The IET® Ascension Process… The most blissful of all the processes. You will follow along during the creation of a new energy center within your body called a “Heart Star”. Using vortex energy and sacred geometry, you will merge your Earth Star with your Soul Star to align your life with the energy of the Unity Wave and create the optimal energetic vibration for you to experience Ascension.

Step 14: The IET® Being Love ~Living Love Process... Build your very own personal angelic energy grid which will be woven into your human energy field by the angels.
Enter into a deep state of being where you can experience pure unconditional love.
Establish a unity heartlink connection with those who also embrace their essence, connecting all of these in your heartstar and together entering into a state of pure unconditional love. Bring unconditional love into every aspect of your daily life.

Learn  the 10 minute Re-activation through powerful Ancient Automatic Activation Hand Mudras.

Attend  2 or 4 days for more info please click one of the events below.

Angel exchange: All 14 Steps over 4 days $ 777
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Deposit  $333
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Angel exchange: Step 1-7 Friday & Saturday  $ 400
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Angel Exchange: Step 8-14 Sunday and Monday: $ 400
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