Awakening Oneness

Hi Beloved soul  

I was deep in meditation contemplating upon a dear beloved soulbuddy who had graduated to the next realm the day before and this beautiful message flowed through. The energy of pure love and oneness was palpable and blissful, I feel guided to share it. Allow yourself to hear it with your heart and I hope it will bless you as well.

Do you not know the love of the ONE is what flows through all and everyone.

The light of the Eternal Oneness illuminates every being on the planet.

The joy of the ONE vibrates in the hearts of all mankind when we reside in the I AM.

And only in the I AM, Love is All that remains.

Love that is unconditional
The love that animates all beings on the planet
The joy of the ONE experienced joyously through ALL beings.

The life force of love is All that matters and when we tune into the I AM that I AM, one can feel the love of the blessing everyone through the heart.

Know that this love is all that matters.
But it it is beyond words.
It is beyond description.
It only resides in the present.

Although it may have been experienced in the past and can be experienced in the future, the only place to really know it intimately is in the Here and Now.

For in the Now is the only place where love can be experienced.

The love of the ONE experiencing through two beings.
God letting God love God in Oneness with all.

Where the love of the ONE exists, words and mind is but an illusion.

The love of the ONE can only be experienced in the one still moment in complete communion with God or another being in communion connected Heart to Heart.

This love of which we speak feel it with every fiber of your being.

A lava flow of pure consciousness flooding every cell and every pathway glowing ever bright in the secret chambers of your heart in such a palpable way the mind fog is silenced and only Being remains.

Breathe in the I AM
Breathe out the I AM

Feel the overflowing steady Presence of I AM that I AM in YOU.
The I within the I, that we are in Oneness.

Feel this I AM life-force permeate you fully as you empty yourself of that which is not the I AM love light.

Maria L’Aria Raa
Copyright 10/29/2018

What if June stood for

Joyous Unstoppable New Energies
Last day of June is upon us and boy did it move fast in unbelievable ways. I have been going through a huge upgrade energetically and physically myself as I am sure many of you also are experiencing. Something shifted rather dramatically this week over the Solstice and Full Moon. Perhaps you felt it too. Through it I felt the true meaning of Divine Timing, surrender and choice to a whole new level.
June brought us the gifts of Awareness, Choices taken and choices  we are making as we move forward into the next cycle that is knocking on our doorstep.
The Universe exists in a state of completely joyous expression always for it resides in constant expansion eternally. Joy is that beautiful energy that embraces all as in perfect divine order without judgement. One could say that JOY is the life essence, the only true life force that allows one to BE fully ALIVE. When we are not feeling joy one can say we have become the walking dead and our life force is pinched off through the choice of not being in the flow of life. We are actuality resistance to whatever is flowing.
If we would be able to allow the flow to be what it is, we can surrender into the inner joy in oneness with Source, Divine Intelligence, God no matter the chaos round us in the world. Being in JOY is saying YES to life. Bring it on…..  no matter what situations and challenges we find ourselves in. When residing in true JOY we are able to respond to situations, people, places and things from a higher perspective instead of reacting to life out of fear.
Perhaps ask yourself: How can I live in a state of JOY this moment. What would it take for me to chose Joy in this moment no matter what?
Everything, every molecule and  energy is always in a constant motion. Nothing ever stands still not even time. Expansion and creation waits for no one. Once something, an intention, a decision, lava flow, a mudslide, avalanche or river is set in motion it is unstoppable till it eventually slows down and changes course.
The energies this month was unstoppable as they  were designed to catapult us on our ascension journey, lifting us into a higher state of consciousness. One can get caught and sucked under in the powerful flow leaving one feeling like one is gasping for air or one can if able to be in JOY float like a cork on the top of the current allowing the flow to carry you. Sometimes we get sidetracked listening more to our ego than the silent voice of God inside of us and yet we miraculously are able to regroup to get on the “right” track again.
Looking back,  How was the unstoppable energy expressing itself in your life this month? Ask yourself:  What would my life be like if I was unstoppable and I lived in full alignment with my Authentic Self, my purpose and passion?
It feels to me a huge new reset happened this last week. Humongous letting go of the old; whether thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns, habits, people etc.. Some release by themselves organically and others we release out of our experience consciously through affirmations, intentions, declarations to the universe and self. 
Albert Einstein said:
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” 
therefore in order for us each and as a collective to be birthed anew, step into a new paradigm, new beginning, letting go of the old is needed.
What old patterns and energy can I let go of and new energy can I call in to be the Joyous Unstoppable Divine being I AM meant to be underneath this mask I am wearing.
What new story AM I ready to write and experience in this moment. If not now, when? What new choice can I make that I have not allowed myself to yet?
Energy is neutral It just moves and flows. Whatever we bring attention to is where energy goes. Pay attention to how you are talking to yourself. Your cells are listening with open ears for instructions. Are you communicating with love or not so much to yourself and others. The energies of great light are flodding into Gaia, the planetary thought bodies and our own bodies and energy fields. Anything that is not in a vibrational match is being brought to light. The more we can be in joyous awareness and support the release of non loving energies we hold on to so dearly and allow the unstoppable process  to unfold the easier it is.  Call in the Energy of the Violet light to help facilitate the transmutation of the old into the new. Ask it to fill you, flow through you and envelop you.
If you are feeling drained become aware of what is draining you.
Is it your own limiting thoughts or have you allowed someone to attach a cord to you and you are being their gas pump.
Are you experiencing some drama and intense energies that must be released so new creations can unfold.
Are you feeling full of the energy of Source within you?
Are you allowing others to get filled from their own Source within themselves?
Are you feeling the new creative energies flowing unstoppably and joyously, then keep on and let it flow like lava to the sea.
How can I claim my full joyous unstoppable re-newed connection to the Divine that is within me always filling me to overflowing in oneness with all that is in the one energy that created me and everything in it.
I release all blocks in me, my consciousness, multidimensional selves today that have ever resisted my full joyous unstoppable energy ignition into living love and being love. 
I claim a new true Joyous Unstoppable me today.
Enjoy the rest of June and I look forward to connecting soon
Namaste L’Aria Raa

March could stand for

Hi Beautiful Beloved one,

Ready or not you are invited to March into your true magnificent Divine Self this month more than ever. If not now When?


Magnificent  Do you know you are a magnificent soul traveling a unique, one of a kind life experience journey on this planet. One a single other life stream is like you. If you could see the light that is your soul shining ever bright from your soul Self under all the layers of illusions and confusions, you would be astounded. Claim Re-Membering your magnificence today.  How would you be and express yourself in the world, if you fully embraced your magnificent self?

Awesome I saw a sticker on a car today that said: “You are AWESOME!!”  Do you fully realize how awesome you are?  Most of us do not. I am speaking of the awareness that you are a soul in a body and how awesome, awe-inspiring and perfect you are just by choosing to be you.  You have showed up to be at this time here and now in this cycle of planetary evolution. Your body is an awesome creation that supports your soul experience magnificently. It is the vehicle you designed to express through. Our mind and energy fields are amazingly awesome communication systems, that keeps evolving and unfolding as we raise our consciousness every moment of the day.

We are all Galactic Citizens that have so much soul history from so many other non-earth experiences and all that info is in our cell memory and DNA codes whether they have been activated or not. “It’s in there” as the Prego soup commercial says. Can you honestly say at the end of the day: Thank you for this awesome experience called life. Thank you for this awesome planet that sustains us effortlessly. Thank you for letting me be a part of this and being able to see the awesome puzzle piece I am in the greater puzzle of all. 

Quotes-of-Bhagavan-Sri-Sathya-Sai-BabaReverent Reverence is an energy and way of life that has been lost to many. Are we able to truly walk with reverence for the magnificent awesome being we are and others are? When was the last time you interacted reverently with another human being, animal, tree, flower and saw the Divine nature and God in them? If it’s been a while, what is holding you back from living in that state of consciousness all the time? I wonder how the world could change if we were able to see God in ourselves and in another at all times. If we recognized God is in everything and every  being including ourselves, would we be able too inflict pain at all. What if we saw Christ, Mary, Krishna, Buddha in all, how differently we would treat each other.  Tune into how  you can be more reverent today with yourself and another on a daily basis.

Compassionate Compassion – the energy of a pure open Christed Heart. Compassion is the ability of seeing through the illusion of appearances of the fear based self, understanding and feeling the pain and suffering of another and one self. It is the deep knowing we are all one and through that knowing that we are all connected emotionally, mentally, soul-ly as expressions and individuated life-streams of Source energy. Can  we have compassion for another pain behind the mask of anger and fear? Can we see ourselves in another. Tune into how you could open your heart to feel compassion for someone you dislike or have a difficult time forgiving and witness your own transformation. 

goldlightwomanHoly Self We are all Holy beings. Our body vehicles are Holy Cathedrals that houses our Divine Essence, Soul and Spirit. Most of us take for granted the amazing body ecosystem that operates automatically. We have become so entrenched in our personality self, the drama and traumas of life many have forgotten who and what we truly are. Holy Divine beings in oneness with God. It is said; “man is made in the image of God” and since God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent, so are we at our core, every single one of us.

God is pure light, love, joy. How would you live, treat yourself and another, if you truly recognized you were God, a Holy being, the true authentic Self. I invite you for one day, one week, one month Envision, Embrace, Enact, the Energetic Potential of the Supreme Being that you are in Oneship with.

Perhaps offer yourself the gift of this exercise:

Take deep breaths in and say to yourself:

I honor the Divine Holy Self I AM, then breathe it out in every cell of your body.  I breathe in the God Essence and Holy Self in oneness with Source I AM. I turn on the light of the Holy Self and illuminate the dark fearful self in this moment. I honor the Holy Self in all I meet to day. I bow the Holy Self I see in all I meet today even  if they do not see it in themselves. I choose the see the Holy Self in ALL beings and lifeforms in this moment including myself. Try it you might like it. 


The Divine in me honors the Divine in you

Blessings and hugs of love

Maria L’aria Raa


JOY stands for…..

Greetings Beloved One,

What if Joy could stand for Just Open Yourself or Jamming Open Yourself.

What does that really mean? Well most of us have some level of closed our hearts to giving, receiving and so true Joy is a difficult attainment.  We have been conditioned to believe happiness is the key to life and yet often this happiness is dependent on a outside circumstance; such as I’ll be happy when or I’ll be happy if. Sounds familiar?  When what we perceive to give us happiness depend on something external or something we are wishing to happen in the future but not necessarily true In This  Present Moment. In other words, we can’t feel happy without it so therefore we are actually coming from a place of lack and fear instead of a place of wholeness.

True Joy, which is our natural state of being is a centeredness in our heart, where we know we are completely whole and  our hearts are completely open, for we are living in the space that knows this life that we are living is a an expression of a hologram and we are creating our reality and nothing really is “As It Seems.”  Yet this Joy is like The Rock in the river that no matter what happens externally, we remain centered in the truth, knowing truth and being a witness as well as a participator. We fully recognize we are participating in life and it is just a play, it’s a role, it’s an experience and that nothing outside of us can shake our inner peace and inner Joy.


Joy is that space where the heart is fully open, where we have remembered Who We Are and we are able to love ourselves completely, all parts of us and therefore able to love everyone else completely. We notice and see the world through the eyes of love, through the glasses of joy and recognizing everything that happens around us,  everything is in perfect Divine expression and nothing is ever out of order.  There’s a Divine perfection in everything and every being on this planet is living their perfect piece of life’s puzzle to support one another in Awakening in our own Self-Ascension, Self-Realization process as well as the collective Ascension and Awakening of humanity, our beautiful planet Gaia and our extraordinary Galaxy, Universe.

The inner knowing that we are all a part of that, all depends on us making choices to remember. Joy is the energy that loves unconditionally that sees the perfection. Joy is that energy of an innocent young child that has not yet learned to judge and  feel and be separate. Joy is the state of being that Embraces all as equals all as perfection externally and internally. One could even say Joy is acceptance of what is without resistance to what is. Joy is the natural state of being,  So jam open your hearts. Pry them with a crowbar and allow yourself to feel fully the joy of life in ways beyond what you have imagined before.

Peace knows God

Love connects with God

Joy embraces God

When we live through Joy, all is in perfect harmony and we live as the perfect creative expression in our puzzle piece of life that we came to be and live. Give yourself the gift of opening your hearts to loving unconditionally, unequivocally, accepting everything as it is releases resistance to what is. Remember there’s only love. There is no separation. There’s only a pain, we create when we see things as different.  When we recognize that I and another one, there’s only joy. One literally feels connected to all through the energy of love.

When we reside in pure joy everything become effortless, a natural flow begins to create space and positive divine opportunities in your life.

Ask yourself: “What is the one thing I am resisting letting go of or limitation to live joy now?”


Here is a prayer Intention I offer from my heart you might enjoy.

May your day be filled with joy. May you heart be jammed open like a window that’s been stuck for eons to be opened outwards and finally let in some fresh air in.

“Beloved angels, Christ Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, God, Supreme Being,  Help me, Guide me, show me, work with me to jam open my heart completely to love, to be in the moment of joy,  in my natural state of being at all times. Help me remember my true state at all times.  

Jam Open My Heart that I may release all illusions of separation,  release the pain of this perceived separation.  Jam Open My Heart so I can release all the judgments of myself, let it fly out of my heart open to the Divine heavens.  May I open my heart and allow myself to reside in true Joy fully in Oneness and unity with all in total acceptance without resistance as a river that flows gently strongly.

Let me be a cork carried on the water.  Let me believe be a leaf falling freely to the ground having been released from the tree branch, knowing wherever I fall and however I descend and land is in perfect divine order.  Thank you for helping me release the judgments, so I can be the JOY I AM in Oneness and Unity with God.  

And so it is Beloved ones

Have a beautiful day L’Aria Raa

February Self Love

Hi Beautiful soul,

Love month has arrived. How are you feeling? Are you feeling love and loved or not?

This is an amazing month to truly stabilize in the seat and energy of real true authentic love. How many ways can I BE love. Love love, allow love in and share the love I AM? That is the question isn’t it? This month offers us many ways to engage in the energy of love, lift into true love, however and it is also for many a challenging time as society promotes Valentines day as THE ONE day to share the love that is a natural state of being which is beyond the glamour of gifts and special ones in our lives. Sometimes I wonder how we have bought into the trap of celebrating love and Being loving only one day a year. What about the other days…. this has always befuddled me. Came up with an acronym for February so allow yourselves to feel into and let it support you in connecting to the love you are within.

February could be an acronym for

Free of the past and the future and fully in the moment of here now.  This is a beautiful month to CLAIM your complete FREEDOM to BE unrestricted, unattached, untethered, released from co-dependence and mass consciousness, dancing to your own music. What is freedom to you?

Allow the pain based emotions to flow through you and let go of anger, resentment and fear. Lift your vibration up the emotional scale of consciousness. Focus on the positive emotions and allow love to be the stabilizing central energy. Emotions are the most influential energy in out experience and so are you letting the emotions run you or are you the captain of the emotional body in this moment. I chose love instead of ……. What would love do in this situation?


Ask yourself: How have I become out of balance? What need to change for me to experience the freedom of being in balance. Are you taking timeout to have fun or are you like many focused on work and getting the chores done. Balance is important in may areas of our life, physical, nutritional, movement, spiritual, meditation, right livelihood, play, family, social, fun, introspection, your own inner divine Masculine and feminine nature are they in balance or are you more adept at one or the other.
What can you do this week to bring yourself some restorative time and experiences. What needs attending to that you have neglected perhaps for quite awhile. Restoration is like rebirthing. What can I birth forth as new ideas or projects that I have been procrastinating on. In order for me to feel restored what can I do or be in this moment.

Give yourself the opportunity for this experiment and challenge yourself to love yourself unconditionally the rest of February so 17 days. That means no judgements of any part of you, Catch yourself and reframe it immediately. Tune into one thing you love about yourself and really feel it with all your being. As you discover more ways to love yourself unconditionally and release judgement you will find you are also better able to love others unconditionally.

Are you aware of how amazing you are? You are made up of space and trillions of molecules that spin so fast you look solid. Your body moves without you telling it to. Your teeth know how to chew, your stomach how to digest. You are an amazing living vibrant eco system that your soul and ego is in charge of. You survived childhood, teenage years and are breathing at what ever age you are at this moment. Your heart beats on it’s own. Your soul is always in communicating through your feelings and emotions. Think back on all your accomplishments no matter how small or insignificant you feel they are. Tune into an experience where you overcame incredible odds. And guess what you are still here on planet earth during these incredibly expansive and restorative times. You said yes to be a part of this and learn some crazy life lessons and remember who you are. That takes immense courage. You are amazing because you are you and you are here now.


We are at a time where The lost art of Reverence is ready to be restored. When was the last time you held yourself with reverence or treated a plant, animal or person with reverence, high regard, awe and respect. When we are able to revere ourselves then we will truly be able to offer that reverence to others as well, in the recognition of the divine beings we all are. How would your life change you lived in the energy of reverence for all living beings including yourself.

See Your Self as the amazing beautiful special unique light you are. Also see how you and another are one in the larger Self. See your individual self within the other Self within the God/Source self and perhaps you will discover there is only one Self expressing itself in infinite ways. Allow your unique gifts to express itself and allow your puzzle piece of life to unfold with great unconditional love, freedom, reverence, balance, amazement.

As we free the limiting emotions that keep us stuck, we come into balance opening up to unconditional love so we can recognize the amazing being we are with great reverence.
Blessings and have a glorious week
Maria L’Aria Raa

January Stands for?

Greetings Beautiful soul.

I trust you are off to an amazing empowering start in 2018. Mind blowing how fast we are moving or how much time is collapsing as  we are actually moving into the still point beyond the illusionary concept of a timeline. It continues to fascinate me as we shift our consciousness into the higher realms of existence. While meditating I asked the angels what January could stand for as an acronym. I always enjoy the joyous playfulness of the Divine as it pour forth ideas for us to embrace and have fun with, so enjoy the  little wisdom game and see what you can come up with  feel free to share.

Joyous: Joy is our natural state of being. If we are not feeling joy then ask yourself why not and what is needed for you to raise into Joy. Joy is the vibration from which we co-create blessings. The joy of which we speak is the one that is internal for it is the soul that knows truth and is steady and rock solid regardless of outside circumstances. The joy of a child in the moment of witnessing the creation without judgement or opinion.

Authenticity: Are you living your true authentic self or are you co-dependently trying to please everyone, following the crowd and loosing yourself in the process?  Having the courage to be authentic and honor yourself regardless of whether you are seen, appreciated  by others. Are you totally accepting yourself and expressing your unique special you and gifts in the world? Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream or vision..

Now: If so why and why not step into your truth now.  If not now then when? Now, this moment, is all we have. The present moment is the only moment and truly is the present the angels and the Divine has gifted us. Are you occupied in your mind with the past or the future? Perhaps we can ask ourselves, how can I live as a living present in the now to the divine, my own soul and the world today? If I lived fully present in my authentic Joyous nature, what would my life look like? What would my day look like? Where would I be? With whom?

Unveil: What is being unveiled in your life? How is the curtain of illusion being pulled aside in your life at the moment? When we live joyous authenticity in the now and we find a deeper silence and stability internally,  much is unveiled, Many untruths as well as truths are brought to light in our consciousness and inner knowing. Ask the divine to unveil truth to you.

Aware: When we become aware of things that previously we had no awareness of everything changes. Awareness is a game changer in life. To live in awareness is living fully present in the now in conscious awareness. If you stood outside in the night and watched the night sky how much awareness are you able to experience in any given moment. The stars, planets, airplanes, meteors, animals, plants, flowers all around you you cannot see. Can you smell them or hear them? If standing in a group of people how much awareness do you have of others there. Their emotional, mental spiritual beingness. How aware are you of the ecosystem we call a body which is home to trillions of organisms working in harmony to support you every moment of every day.

Real: Do you know who you are?  Really!  Allow the real true you to blossom like the most beautiful flower you can ever imagine. Be real. Being the real you is true self-love and self-acceptance and recognizing your own real worth. Most people attempts to fit someone else’s mold out of fear of not being loved in return. Become aware of when you are real and when you are not.

You: Be who and what you BE. You are special. Do you know how amazing you are? You are a beautiful life-stream emanating from God, Source, Divine Intelligence that is here to express itself that the brilliant puzzle piece in life’s master puzzle. Have the courage to dare to BE YOU. Are you ready to love yourself enough and say YES to you even if it means saying NO to another.


Here is some intentions you can play with this month you might find supportive:

I am so grateful and thankful for living my joyous authentic self now as all that has been hidden is unveiling deeper awareness of the real me.

I am so grateful and thankful for realizing how much fun and easy it is to live as a truly joyous, authentic, real, fully aware self in the now as truth is unveiled with ease and grace.

I am amazed at how easy it is for me to unveil my authentic joyous, aware real me in every moment of the day.

I am grateful for how easy it is to express my authentic, real, aware, joyous self as I unveil more truth in every now.

Blessings and much love

L’Aria Raa

Listen!!! Are you?

Hello Beloved Beautiful soul

Sharing a message from God to us all, I received many moons ago. As I opened my  book of “Prayers to Awaken Peace and Love” asking for guidance this morning, this is the page the book opened to, I felt like sharing as we all are growing through a major spiritual growth spurt at the moment.

Know and feel the Divine always and in always supporting you every moment of the day whether we are aware or nor. It is in the silence and stillness we are able to hear and feel the Divine Self in union and communion with the Divine Source of all that is, whether we call that God or Tao, Prana, Divine Intelligence.


Listen, Listen, Listen

with all your might.

For in the quiet of your mind, that is where you will find me, the I AM that I AM.

Only in the quiet of your mind is it possible to know Me.

Only when your mind is quiet, can your Heart hear My love call to you.

Only when you are still, can you hear Me speak to you.

Through your Heart,

Listen to the wind, the sun, the moon and the stars, the grass, the flowers,

the animals, the fish, the water, the air, the earth.

Hear their message of Love

As my messengers,

they sing to you tirelessly, yearning for you to hear

Listen. Hear. Know.

How Much


How Much




Maria L’Aria Kaa Raa

Passionate Action

Hello Beautiful one

What is passionate action? There are different parts to this energy. in one way it is the action we are and do from our heart space fully aligned with that which brings us greatest joy and is a passion of ours therefore a true indication of living our soul’s purpose and mission while enjoying this beautiful planet. I feel it is the gift we came here to share with the world with the energy of peace and deep love. It is our puzzle piece in the big puzzle of creation.

Passion is defined as any powerful and compelling emotion.

Each individuals personal passion invigorates us, blesses us with inspiration and creative juices that flow effortless like a roaring river. It is is that thing which we can do for hours without batting an eye and one wonders where did the time go.  Passionate action is multifold. For each of us it is something that brings joy, blesses us, we would do for free just because….It blesses others we interact with and offer this to, who is waiting to receive and or participate in with us. Thirdly it is something that blesses the Planet and is good for the whole not just the individual.

Your passion is your purpose. Live with passionate loving action with each breath you take. Your angelic loving presence is your Divine purpose expressed through your human body complex. Angel Ariel

It is carries the light of peace, love, authenticity

It is being aligned with how we wish and are meant to live in alignment with and in service to the Divine, our Authentic Soul Self, our fellow travelers and all of nature including this planet and the entire galaxy and universe and all the unknown universes that exists ad continue to expand. Passionate action when birthed from your soul heart of infinite joy is effortless and fun. It is Being the Gift, Sharing the Gift you came to give to the world. It is completely aligned with the energy of  expansion, joy, ease and source.


Gift yourself to contemplate on and become clear in:

“What is it that sets your soul on fire?”

During which activity do you feel most inner joy? Inner Peace? In love with life.

Your life is your message? We all have one. What is yours?

What has been your life lessons that you are here to share your wisdom with others?

Forgiveness. Patience, non-attachement, empowerment, focus, acceptance, Tenacity.  Grit.

Feeling like a Jack in the box that always get the lid put back on and you keep rising like the Phoenix?

Overcoming Obstacles.

Health issues you have healed

Financial healing

When do you feel you are the most in your Authentic Power and when not?

What comes easy to you?

Meditate on it, journal

A cause you feel aligned with.

Here is a great question to say to yourself: How can I show up for me today?

Touch into your heart and feel the fire of purpose rise with in and this is the month to take action on it. If not now when? Let your inner muse inspire you in your knowing and allow it to emerge from the depth of your heart with more light, love and joy than you can imagine. Create the life that is too good to be true. Live it now not some day in the future that may not arrive. Be the amazing Lion and Lioness you are filled anchored in your authenticity. It is your time. Own it. Claim it.

Blessings and much love from my heart to yours

Maria L’Aria Raa



What makes Salt so special

Hello Beloved beautiful one.

Salt….. beautiful blessings of Salt. I want to share some insights into the healing properties of salt as we are invited to become ever  more self- empowered to restore ourselves to our own wholeness. It is one spending property that Mother Gaia has gifted us for millenniums that it is time for us to reconnect with in deeper ways. It is time for us to return to remedies that Gaia has cited us and allow mother nature to be our support.

What if SALT was an acronym for Sacred Abundant Love Therapy or Soul A-Live Thriving? 

Salt have been used for eons of time in many different ways. Here is but a few of the infinite ways we can incorporate salt therapy into our daily practice to bless our bodies, our energy fields and our environments to stay clean, free of infections, inflammation, bacteria and clear of any interference energies in all forms and ways. Many interference energies show up in form of “illness” and yet is not traceable in the traditional ways. We are inundated with pollutants from air, water, EMS, astral planes and a way we can really restore ourselves is through ancient ways and salt is a fabulous friend to keep you healthy. Did you know that salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial agent?

The salt I prefer to use is Himalayan sea salt, Celtic sea salt or Epsom salt, which you can get most places these days.

Gargling in salt water when one has a sore throat is a phenomenal method I have used ever since I was a child and it works. As soon a I feel a sore throat or cold come on, which is rarely now, I mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water and gargle as often as I can often 8-12+ times a day or as often as you can. It is simple and easy a fun way for young and adults to gargle their way into health.

Nasal Saline Irrigation and Neti Pots. Inhaling a salt solution into nostrils to clear sinuses to clear pathways of mucous and bacteria.  Two different ways to clear your sinuses. My preferred way is where you place a little of the salt water solution in the palm of your hand, lower your head and inhale the solution into one of your nostrils, let it complete the circuit and drip into your mouth and then spit it out.  Repeat several times adding more salt water into your palm and then do the same procedure with the other nostril or perhaps you like to keep alternating repeat about 7-8 times each nostril.

Netipot comes in a couple of different designs, however, the promise is the same. Fill up the device with salt water and as you tilt head in a 45 degree angle flood your one nostril and let it pour our the other.

Some of the health benefits are: Relief of Colds, congested sinuses, sinus infections, allergies, snoring. 

health-benefits-of-epson-saltSalt Baths are divine and serve us in a couple of wonderful ways. One is to soothe sore muscles and heal your skin. Epsom salt is a glorious solution in any bath. Add 1-2 cups of alt and add your favorite essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, rose, bliss, whichever makes you feel soothed and loved. The possibilities are endless. Another important benefit of taking a salt bath is how effective it is in clearing your energy field of interference, though forms, low vibrational, EMS, energies that have attached itself to your field. If you work with energy as a profession, whether as a healer or psychic reader  we tap into the astral layers and dimensions and it is a super idea to gift yourself a salt bath to conclude the day to clear your field of all NON-U frequencies. As we become more sensitive and empathic, it is imperative we create a self care routine we enjoy and will stick to.

If you do not have a bathtub to luxuriate in an alternative is a salt foot bath. Place your feet in a bowl big enough for both feet and rug epsom salt or himalayan salt on dry on soles and top of feet all the way above the ankles. Add water till above your ankles. You can envision and intend for the saltwater to draw to it all the interference energies that are in your field surrounding your body. Sit for about 10 minutes or so and then discard the water. You can even dry rub salt over all your body, intending it to clear all in your energy field and then take a warm shower and let it wash away.

saltwaterGo to the Ocean whenever you can and go for a long swim. The salt air and water brings much healing as it clears the air and you get the experience the blessing of the healing Sun a the same time.  When I go for a swim I often during a gulp on purpose to let the healing saltwater bless my internal system.

Clearing your home and car. Salt has been used for earn to keep evil spirits and interference energies at bay and away. It is effective when after a thorough house/space clearing to sprinkle in window sills, doorways and corners where stagnant energy seems to collect just like dustballs.

Salt Lamps are another beautiful ways to create sacred space and keep energy clear in your space as well as it cleans the air.

Add Himalayan Salt to your food, salads etc. Most of us have been taught to lay off the salt. Maybe that has not been a truth. i invite you to check in with yourself and see if adding salt into your soul nourishment program might actually be a good thing for you.

As many have known the magical healing powers of salt, people have been called to travel to the Dead Sea to reap the benefits of floating in the salty water where one call float, heal and feel the lightness of our being. A new way of enjoying the benefits of salt that allows your body to return to it’s natural state of wholeness is the re-emerging of an the ancient Salt cave Halotherapy. Salt Caving dates back to the 1200’s and I am sure much earlier.Salt caves are becoming popular as people seek relief from colds, infections, respiratory problems, asthma to skin problems and so much more.

Grand-Salt-SuiteI have been enjoying a beautiful Salt Cave near me here is Florida the last 3 weeks as I was dealing with a bronchial-sinus thing and healing the causes around that from many different angels. It is peaceful, awesome and relaxing. I typically meditate while in the session that lasts 45 minutes and go really deep.

During a session in a salt cave, salt-infused air is pumped into the cave from a halo generator. As one breathes normally, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, bromine, copper, selenium, and iron in the purest version of salt are absorbed by the skin and air passageways, thereby clearing pollens, viruses, toxins, and other pollutants from the body and energy field. This salt contains 84 different trace minerals that are bio-identical to your body, which means that the salt is able to communicate with your body in an efficient and quite delicate way. The negatively charged ionized himalayan salt and trace minerals that are present in the cave’s atmosphere is designed to draw toxins and impurities out of the body, reduce inflammation, and improve respiratory system and lung function. Halo-Therapy is also known to help relieve skin conditions, stress, high blood pressure, respiratory infections, hangovers, and allergies. So try it out. You might like it.

Google Salt Cave and Halo-Therapy in your area and I am sure you will find one near you. I trust these salt ideas will support you on your earth jones into wellness.

If you are in Sarasota FL area FusionTherapy is wonderful.

Blessings and hearths of love

Maria L’Aria Raa



New Cycle of Light

Hello Beautiful Soul

Blessings on a glorious FREEDOM-FULL day!!! 

May Angel Faith bless you with the unstoppable Faith you need to step forward into the unknown possibilities of new cycle of  delicious expansion that are waiting for you to enjoy.

Remember who you are 🙂 You are a glorious being of energy in motion that is born out of the enormous creation energy of source that is constantly eternally infinitely expanding. Your divine intelligence is love is light. If you are feeling anything other than that you are not living as authentic true Self.  

We are in the last week of Mercury retrograde and a new moon cycle has begun a few days ago. We are invited to look within and become aware of how we want to birth this new cycle of light within ourselves. Seed planting time, not just in our food and flower gardens but also in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual gardens. It is time to weed out the negativity plants of lack, fear, separation and enter a new paradigm that is waiting for you to come play in. Step out of the fear drama model and into the love evolution model of glorious possibility, peace, joy and harmony. We are magnificent magnetic beings and what our inner consciousness emits we call to us through our magnetic energy field. So as we change our inner view, our outer view changes as well. 

Here are a few wonderful ways to invite you to move forward and experience true freedom and BE untethered to fear based consciousness.

Think of a recent situation in your life and how it perhaps was handled with some fear, anger. Allow yourself to view it from a different larger perspective of love and wholeness and notice how you might address the situation differently. Open yourself to new points of view even if that do not fit the mold of the past. 

I invite you to commit to 8 days of choosing to BE LOVE  and LIGHT no matter what you are facing. Completely free of judgment. Can you hold the space as the the divine angel you are and allow the fear based self to begin to dissolve and relax and let go. If judgment appears and it will, forgive yourself and love that too. The key is to love all as it shows up. That is one of the secrets to true transformation and creating a new cycle of light. For things to change we have to change. Notice how your life is expressing it self. If we want things to be different that they are true change can only begin with ourselves. Each of us truly are the ones we have been waiting for. Are you ready to step up? 🙂 Only you can nourish and give yourself that which you so desire from the external.

“Go within and you will never ever go without.”  

sourceflowQuick Morning and anytime Meditation: Begin your day with feeling into your heart. Envision your heart connected to source energy that is flooding you with unconditional love. Perhaps a see in your heart a fountain or a glorious flame that is expanding with pure pink golden energy of love consciousness. as you use your breath inhale more and more energy into your beings allowing the flame or fountaining, expanding and growing. See it fill your body and flood into your energy field filling it with pink golden love light breathing it out in your energy field bubble. Feel it intending protecting and blessing you and all it comes in contact with throughout the entire day. expand it to fill and envelop the room you are in, then your entire home or apartment, then your property or apartment complex. Feel, sense, see this love ball energy field shine a light in front of you like a flashlight clearing your path blessing all in it’s path. Tune into this as you move through your day. Call to your heart light. Let it bless you with peace, joy and more divine exquisite bliss love than you can imagine. 

I AM Love – I AM Light – I AM Loving – I AM love in action – I choose to remember my truth as the light of love I AM – I love all – 

PS If you feel you are short of time you can even do this in the shower or on potty. 🙂 Have fun and let it be light. Let it be joyous as you claim a new cycle of light for you in your life. 


Maria L’Aria Raa