Light Language

What is the language of light? sunshine_meditation

To me it is the language of our soul, spirit and Divine origin. It is the Universal language expressed in many forms and known by all living sentient beings in all lifeforms in both physical and non physical form. I feel it cannot be taught it is awakened in one spontaneously as we call forth our true selves ever more. It is incredibly beautiful, angelic and lyrical in nature. It can be sung, read, written or signed with the hands. What is most wondrous is it will transmit its power silently on a cellular level awakening all who come in contact with it in one way or another.

We are all fluent in this Mother language on a subconscious level. Aramaic is the closest match to this language on Earth at this time. f all the current spoken languages on this planet were blended together, it would manifest itself as the angelic ‘language of light’. When we express it especially through sound and images we facilitate a wholing of our selves as well as those listening or reading the language or images.

I first became aware of this language in 2008 when I hear a CD with the language being sung at a workshop I was at in New Mexico. I felt such a connection to it even if I did not understand the words. It felt as if I was transported to another dimension. In the summer of 2009 I awoke in the middle of the night on several occasions being gifted my soul name and singing light language out loud without being able to stop it. It was quite extraordinary and I was filled with such peace, love and joy. I spontaneously began to feel sounds and words come out of my mouth when cleaning or walking around the house. Eventually I gathered the courage to incorporate it into healing sessions with clients and now in groups during times I lead meditation as it wishes to come forth to bless others.

When I chant, sing or talk light language it is truly an energy transmission of love, of a very high frequency to facilitate healing on all multidimensional levels.  My hands become burning hot as I use them in hand mudras during the light language transmission. It feels like the Universes of pure consciousness is communicating through me. I so humbled and blessed to be in service as a facilitator of this profound connection to truth that conveys a deep knowing and soul healing for all who experience it. Like coming home to One Self.

Language of light is comprised of all sacred geometric forms expressed and where there is sacred geometry there is healing. Sacred geometry whether in visual form, images or “words” or sound form, activates our DNA, realigns them to optimum capacity. It restructures. It facilitated healing and a return to the truth of our being, The Divinity of Source that we are.

I wish you many blessings as you open yourself to this amazing and blessed Language of lovelight.

Naseya  nama he’nota

hekana makayia


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