Gratitude Heart

Namasté Beautiful Soul

My gratitude heart abounds with everlasting joy.
Feel my heart surrender to the infinite ways the angels me employ.

As I in the ocean of gratitude for everything and ALL swim
Resistance to what is, dissolves on a whim.

Emptying myself of all the past,
I make space for gratitude at last.

Thank you for this day.
Thank you for this morning.
Thank you for this life.

The opportunity to grow through adversity
greatly enhance my life quality.

Gratitude overflows my heart my body, my soul
setting my cells and being on love light fire.

Rejuvenating, Regenerating, Re-igniting.

Being in love with life.
Being in love with Source.

Heals. shifts. uplifts, changes All we are, do and Be.

Embraces everything, freely, joyously, prosperously.

© Maria L’Aria Raa 11/11/19

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