Here are some wonderful products that I have created or are using to stay in a loving vibration as they feed the Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body. Enjoy!

product_thumbnail.phpPrayers to Awaken Peace and Love.……….

A book of messages from Spirit I was guided to birth forth. May it bless you as it has me.

A book of prayers to assist us all in becoming Peace and Love, to live in harmony with each other. A guide to help guide us on the path from pain and fear into joy and freedom, to experience “Heaven on Earth Now.” “I was touched by your dedication to reaching out to Love’s Presence for all comfort, all answers and all truth. To read Maria’s prayers, hopes and dedication to Love’s sole reality is to join in her intention to only experience that reality. A lovely practice of bringing all questions to the Love of God for the healing that is found only in the union with that Love.” Linda Carpenter and Tom Carpenter, Author of Dialogue on Awakening

It is available in Paperback and as an E Book

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The Chakra Journey..………..A magnificent book I Co~Authored with 14 other amazing beings. TCJ-Cover-Final-16bit-new

In our book, The Chakra Journey, we journey through the seven chakras — the energy centers associated with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Each chapter includes a description of the chakra, along with moving personal accounts. As the authors, we celebrate the pain and joy of our journeys. By extending these emotions to paper, we hope you will connect with us and say, “I can see myself.” The Chakra Journey is a non-fictional collection of fifteen author’s stories. Some of the personal experiences include overcoming eating disorders, molestation, abortion, abuse, infidelity, degenerative disease, anxiety. The driving force behind this book is to forgive and heal the things we’ve condemned about ourselves and others by sharing our journeys of transformation. In our sharing, we find more love and acceptance for ourselves and the world around us. We hope to offer others a safe place to bare their souls and in turn, help contribute to a more loving, accepting, and tolerant world.

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DSCN1293The Healing Pyramid Mediation CD 

Heal your body, mind and Spirit during this meditation in the Healing Pyramid.

This guided meditation was created to support you in bringing peace into your mind, body and spirit. It takes you through a beautiful forrest and into a magnificent Healing Temple Pyramid where you will have many beautiful deep healing experiences and connect to the Divine.

To Purchase please email Maria:



Enagic® Alkaline, molecular and restructured water to raise your vibration and bring your body back into harmony and balance.

imagerevolutionize kangenIn my search to become empowered as I take full responsebility for my health over the years I know how important water and alkaline foods are to our health.I have owned the same brand of wonderful water filter since 1988. As it was time to get a new one my search let me to find one that was even better and also even more green, environment friendly.

I am so excited to share with you the one I found and absolutely love. It is am amazing new technology and I consider it “the new kitchen appliance” that will be in every home very soon. There is two things we cannot live without; one is air the other is water. We can live without food for a long time, however, not water or air. We are comprised of 70-80% water in our bodies. To live in a state of perfect health we must nourish our body and soul with 100% life giving foods and drinks. Most of us are dehydrated and does not even know it. Most of us are living in a state of acidosis and does not even know it.

kangen3I am excited to share that I have found an amazing technology that can support us in bringing health to ourselves and the planet. I call it the alkalizing “green” machine. It to me is the next appliance we all will need to have in our kitchens. Much like the microwave, however, instead of killing our food this one does the opposite it bring life to our bodies. It makes alkaline drinking water to you right at your kitchen sink, I cook with it, I clean with it, I eliminate all plastic bottles with it. Check it out you might like one for yourself.

This is an amazing technology I have used for over 4 years and so grateful to have in my kitchen

It produces 7 different kinds of water and to me is the GREEN technology that will be a part of changing the planet as it helps our bodies come back into balance.

To ask Maria questions please call 516-662-8819 or

for more information or to order please click here



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