IET Reach and Deepen

IET® Raise YOUR Reach and Deepen your Practice Workshop for Master~Instructors Only

Introducing our new Integrated Energy Therapy® “Raise your Reach and Deepen your Practice” class:

Prerequisites: You must be a Master-Instructor to attend this class.

A day of creating your vision 

Description: Would you like to Raise your Reach and Deepen Your Practice?

Then this workshop is for you! It is designed to help you:

* Journey farther along your path of spiritual mastery!

* Review and expand your use of the Sacred Geometries!

* Learn how to apply IET® techniques in new ways that can change your life!

* Raise your reach to a higher level and use IET energy to live your reach with ease!

Join us as we explore a deeper level of you, using many of the IET tools and techniques currently being taught in our IET Master’s class, and apply them during this workshop to support you in receiving your Reach.

You will identify and claim your reach using techniques such as the Blessing Bowl process, use of Sacred Geometries, Create a focused Mini Vision Board process and much, much more.

Don’t be surprised if miracles happen in your life during or just after this workshop.

Class Materials: We suggest you bring your Master Instructor manual, along with favorite magazine pictures to build your Mini Vision board.

Class fee : $150.00

A $50 non-refundable deposit is requested to secure your space!

Review Fee: Since this class is primarily an experiential class, there is no special review fee for this class.

February 5, 2023

Video Conference

10 AM -5 PM EST

Join from the comfort of your own home

To register please use button below

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Location: Empowered Heart Center
Venice FL
Time: 9:30 AM-6:00PM
Class fee $150.00
To register online please use button below
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Enjoys from previous Deepening events

Manifestation on steroids indeed. A refresher is never a bad idea, but this was truly deepening. Taking the masters and their knowledge to another level. Awesome and powerful. Thank you. Yesinia

This was a cool gathering. I like the experience! Marie

Maria is amazing as always. Courtney

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