Welcome to my Video page. I intend to post weekly with inspirational messages, tools and sharing  to help you on your journey and interviews I have been on.

Many blessings and enjoy!

This is a beautiful message I channeled on July 10, 2016 with a special LightLanguage transmission. May it bring you great joy and inner peace.


This is a great 1 hour interview with host Julie Coraccio from Awaken your where I discusses Integrated Energy Therapy®  and how it can be used to heal trauma, overcome addiction and release issues at the cellular level with the use of Archangel energy & guidance. Short group healing session included as well.


This is a wonderful intro to workshop on what is Steps to Transformation July 13, 2013 and how it can help you change your life by my dear friend Mary Guariglia who attended.


A short message to the IET Irish & UK Community Master~Instructor Trainer Edmond Carroll videoed.


What is radical forgiveness? How does it help relieve you of all your emotional pain? Can you truly learn to forgive someone who has committed horrible acts? This is a great interview with host Julie Coraccio from Awaken your where I discuss the complexity and simplicity of forgiveness.


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