Festival of Light

Festival of Light

Coming Home to your Compassionate Divine Angelic Self.

One Day Retreat of profound Love, Joy and Inner Peace!


Recharge, Re-connect, Self-Care, Community.
Meet new and “old” IET soul buddies. A day of deep healing, fun & joy!
Heal the world as you heal your heart.
Let’s WAG the world with lovelovelove

Gathering the IET community to serve the Divine in healing the world to a state of peace one heart at a time as we find peace within. We have an awesome inspiring Angelic play day planned for you as we play with the WAG lifting the world and ourselves into higher levels of peace and love, free ourselves to develop deeper loving Compassionate relationship with self as well as others bringing us into a state of Homecoming.

A truly amazing and empowering day of joining together to support one other in living as anchor pillars of light bringing more love and light into the world and ourselves. It is a fun~filled day raising our vibrating.

Experience a Divine Light Language Energy Transmission ~ Angelic Crystal Harp and sound healing bath ~ Creative Art. Enjoy a delicious lunch nourishing our bodies as well as our souls and spirit.

These days are open to ALL IET Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Master-Instructors. Please see below the dates for these classes and choose the one that calls your heart.

Time: 9:30 AM-5:30PM

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