IET® Sessions

iam lightIntegrated Energy Therapy® (“IET”) uses meridians as well as other aspects of the body to assist others in their healing. These meridians carry life force energy to nourish each organ and it is important to keep the flow of life force energy open to maintain good health at all times. IET works with divine angelic energy ray to access and correct your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA.

The IET practitioner accesses the Universal Life Force energy by using a “heart-link” from the practitioner’s own heart to the angelic realm, opening a channel for healing love to flow through the heart and then into the hands which have been directed at the integration points on the client being worked on. The practitioner uses their connection with the angelic realm to access what the underlying problem is for the person being worked on and may call upon certain angels for guidance or assistance in relieving specific issues. Once the negative aspect has been drawn out and cleared, the practitioner replaces it with a positive aspect related to that spot so that there is no void left and balance is restored. Thus, the life force energy can once again flow easily through the meridians and health is restored to the person.

During a private session you will lay on a table face up fully clothed while Maria places her hand gently on the Integration points on both the front and back of your body to facilitate the release of negative energy and infusion of Divine energy. Often you will dose off and awake fully refreshed.

Maria incorporates many of the advanced processes in sessions to support you in releasing that which you are intending and birthing you forward into the joy filled being of love you are living what brings you most joy. Every session is different. The most important part of the session is guiding you to become clear in what you want so the energy can follow your intent.

IET is very efficient in clearing stress, pain, negative habit patterns, phobias, dis-harmony in the physical body as well as the energy body.

Private sessions available by appointment either In Person, via Skype, by telephone

Payment Options: Cash or Checks at time of service rendered or prepay securely online with your MC, Visa, Discover, Debit Card or Paypal account.

For Distance sessions via phone or Skype please prepay online before session

For in person session please prepay on line or bring check or cash as payment

We also accept Venmo and PayPal.Me/awaken444

To schedule a session with Maria please click below.


Single IET® Session $222 (60-70 Min)

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Package of 6 IET® Sessions $ 1250

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Package of 12 IET® Sessions $ 2500

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