IET Angelic Reunions

Welcome to the IET® 2023 Angelic Reunions

It is truly and honor and infinite joy to facilitate these empowering high vibrational days with the angels in locations around the world. I look forward to spending a glorious heart centered day with you and the Angels of the Energy field lifting into our true Divine Angelic nature, building community and supporting one another on the journey here with Gaia at these amazing times we are privileged to experience.

2023 IET MI Only Angelic Gathering
Spring Into The Life Of Your Deams!!
April 29th, 9 AM to 6:30 PM
April 30th, 9 AM to 6:30 PM

You requested a 2-day event and here it is. The first 2-day gathering in 17 years!!!!

The time has come for us to gather in person again.  For the first time in 3 years

Maria Kramer, Edmund Carroll, and Keith Horwitz will join Barbara Stepniak

as we reach for the stars and help bring your soul’s vision to life!


Location: Hampton Inn, 370 US 9, Woodbridge Township, NJ


“There is no greater joy than to help others along the path to their greatness.

For as you do, you will travel further along the path to your greatness.”
– Angel Ariel

We are gathering the IET earth angel family in NJ for an amazing, empowering, uplifting, expansionary 2 days. We will experience a few new and some lesser-known or forgotten processes, while we revel in the energy of the angels. Immerse yourself with the angels for an epic two-day journey, reconnect with old soul buddies, and meet new ones as we bring earth angel soul buddies together for the healing of self, one another, and the world. Let’s ascend into a new higher version of ourselves this Spring. Be the blessing and light on the planet you signed up to be.!!!!

Come together like the “old days” to celebrate, heal, support, enjoy, have fun, and raise the vibration of yourself and the planet.  Throughout the weekend you will explore your energetic potential, envision your purpose, embrace your reason for being and enact your soul’s mission by releasing your blockages, letting go of your fears, and grounding your divine spark into the earth as you open your heart to be the pure vibration of your angelic nature. 

There is sure to be laughter, tears, hugs, joy, compassion, love and so much more….. Reconnect with old soul buddies and meet new soul buddies. Share your heart’s desires, laugh, and play in the divine energy of the beautiful Healing Angels of the Energy Field. Experience an unforgettable weekend with the angels to raise your vibration and shift the planet into higher consciousness, and heal the world as we heal ourselves. Take yourself to the next level of your ascension journey!!!

Level up – Learn – Practice – Experience – Give – Receive

 It is time to open your heart to a deeper level of understanding!

Release blockages and all limitations that are holding you back!

Your soul is calling you to be of higher service in your daily life!

You are ready to improve all aspects of your life and raise your vibration!

Your life is a miracle fully aligned with your purpose and passion!

Lift off to a life you love and thrive in living your dreams!

Why attend: Your heart is calling you to step into your ascended self and create the miracle life that is waiting for you to align with it. Connect with your IET family and elevate together for the benefit of your soul’s evolution and humanity. Remember and accept how amazing and extraordinary you are. 

What you gain: You will gain a deeper connection to your soul self, and purpose as well as confidence and efficiency in energy processes for ascended self-care. Learn how to be strong and centered no matter what.

How it will serve you: You will leave refreshed, empowered, clear, resolved, smiling from the inside out, and confident in taking inspired action on your journey in service here on planet earth daily. 

Reach for the stars and make miracles happen!!

Limited Spaces pay your deposit today to reserve your spot!

Early Bird registration March 23rd, 2023
Early Bird Price: $555.00 including coffee and tea both days

Learn more here and register

Testimonials from previous Retreats/Reunions

So meaningful. No expectations so all was a surprise, Such a soulful experience. Great Group. Linda

So many tools and techniques. So much spiritual wisdom. Thank you Maria. Donna

Beautifully presented. Thank you for providing this opportunity to be together.

I love these retreats and that the processes continue to develop. Thank you. Silvana

I feel very blessed to have participated in this retreat. I look forward to the next! Ann

Thank you for making this day available to us in so many ways. Patricia.

The power of love at our groups are so amazing. I thank Maria and all the teachers for sharing and bringing out the light and power the universe has been blessed with. Yesinia.

With heartfelt love and appreciation for bringing us healing and love. Blessings and light May the angels aways be with you. You are an inspiration to us. Margaret.

Perfect. Enjoyed connecting experience. Wonderful processes to expand spiritually both inward and universally. Carol

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gary

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