Atlantean Healing Chamber™

avesa violet flameThe Atlantean Healing Chamber™ is a powerful ancient technique facilitated by a Master AVESA Quantum Healer who uses crystals, pyramids, Egyptian Healing Rods™, tuning forks, essential oils, toning, and other healing tools.

While in this chamber, you are lovingly re-connected to your Soul through an inter-dimensional portal of light where energy and intention flow far more powerfully than in this earthly dimension.   These frequencies are known as Ascension energies where you are able to experience your authentic soul vibration.

You are consciously held in this frequency of unconditional love by the use of the AVESA breath, and by your specific sacred intention.   The result of the chamber work will be to bring quantum healing and restorative balance to the chakras and the entire four-body system. Many have reported  feeling whole and complete as never before.  It was as if they had returned “home” within themselves.

The Atlantean Chamber™ consists of two sessions within a twenty-four hour period.  The length of each session depends on the needs outlined in our initial Interview.  The sessions may take upwards of two hours or more to complete.  You are given everything you need for the two-day sessions, including “Client Take-home Instructions for Session One and Two,” a personalized AVESA Balancing and Integration Plan based upon our initial Interview.

Your commitment to this process is based on your ability to gift yourself with two full days to comfortably refrain from watching TV, using cell phones, computers or listening devices such as I-Pods or MP3 players.  You must also agree not to eat meat or canned foods during this time.  This may seem restrictive at first, but this is to insure that you receive the maximum benefit from the energy being received.  Electromagnetic frequencies have a detrimental affect upon our bodies.  Limiting our exposure to these transmitters is of great importance in any healing modality.

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