Welcome beloved one, I am deeply honored to connect with you as you have come across this page. I trust that you will find information that will support you on your journey to living peace, love and joy at all…

Tosa Ranch New Mexico October 2019 
"May I walk in sacred Union with all in Unity with in and without." Maria Kramer

Maria Kramer L’AriaKaaRaa

Rev. Maria E. Kramer is dedicated to healing the world to peace through her mission to “Awaken Peace and Love” in all she meets and to help others heal themselves by being a guiding light. A light to assist others…


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Check out the wonderful choices of Learning,  IET® Certification, Retreats, Communing, Awakening, Meditation, Self-Ascension programs  we offer to support you on your journey to wholeness remembering the truth of your Divine Being~ness.  December 2016 IET® Distance  Remote Healing Session  December  8PM…

Joyful Awakenings


Happy Heart

Hello Beloved one “You will always live happy if you live with heart.” To live with heart is freedom from judgement. To live with heart is to be free to BE the SOUL BEING of LOVE you are. Living with…


Let things come to you!

Hello beautiful soul May today be the day we embrace a way of life that operate from the consciousness that “Let things come to you” as it said on my yogi tea this morning. Many grew up in the tradition…


Be Your Self

Hello Beloved one, Message for today: BE YOUR SELF! BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BELOVED SELF! What is it I AM?  Who is it I AM?  How far from I AM have I wandered? Touch into your heart and soul and invite…


November as Peace Pioneering month

Hello beautiful soul, Are you ready to join together on a month of paradigm shifting newness beyond what you can imagine?  Are you ready to walk as a Peace Pioneer warrior  and what does that mean? With the new moon…

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godmessage maria

Easter Blessings

Hello Beloved one, Many are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus this weekend. What is really meant by this? Could it be it is the lifting up into a higher state of consciousness that is referred to as we Resurrect into…

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What are Angels

Angel Message for you I asked the angels: “what are angels?” and this is the short and sweet response I received in meditation. Enjoy. “Angels are interstellar inter~dimensional beings of light frequencies through which you are able to communicate with…

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