Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Namasté Beloved one

I came across a prayer I wrote many moons ago I thought might illuminate and bless your day. Thank you so much for letting me walk awhile with you through this medium. I am truly grateful and thankful for you. May your Thanksgiving be filled with miracles and blessings as you celebrate it in a way that ie perfect for you.

Dear God, Source of all that is.

May we this day give You thanks for all the blessings and gifts you bestow upon us each and every day throughout the year.

We are eternally grateful for each little “gift” and big ‘gift” that we receive.

We are most thankful for the chance to be alive and walk upon the Earth, at this precious time in the universe.

We are so grateful for You who lie in our hearts, the eternal flame of love that never ends.

For the sunrises and the sunsets. For the moon rises and the moonsets.

The stars and planets that sparkle so brilliantly in the sky every night.

For the clouds that blow across our sky in the most spectacular formations that I have ever seen, forever changing endlessly.

We thank you for the animals in nature everywhere and for the love, healing and messages they bring to us.

Thank you for the oceans, lakes rivers and all who live in them and the nourishment the waters bring us.

The woods, the flowers and all who live in them.

The mountains which symbolize our journey Back to You.

We thank you for family and friends, near and far.

Knowing that no matter where we are we are only a heart-link a way.

We thank you for strangers that have crossed our path once in our lifetime and for those who have stayed awhile. We thank you for the friendships that last through thick and thin a lifetime.

We thank you for the opportunity to grow. To practice compassion, love, patience, grace, gratitude and peace.

We thank you for the learning experiences You provide so elegantly each and every day without which we would never connect with you in our hearts.

We thank you for the food before us today and always.

We thank you for our health and home, for meeting our physical and spiritual needs.

Thank you for the knowing in my heart, that no matter where I am or what is happening around me,

I AM always connected to You.

I AM in You and You are in me.

We are One.

May all people be blessed with this knowing and unbelievable bliss of love of You.

On this day dear God, bless my family, my friends and me.

Bless all those I love and those I do not.

Maria L’Aria Raa

© Maria Kramer From the Book “Prayers to Awaken peace and love”

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