IET® Master~Instructor

IET® Master-Instructor Certification Reach for the Stars and Bring Your Vision to Life

Join us for our two-day life altering Master-Instructor class.

Are you ready to improve all aspects of your life,
release all limitations and create the life of your dreams?
Is your soul calling you to be of higher service as you interact with people in your daily life?

 Reach for the Stars and experience an epic expansion.

This IET Master-Instructor class will greatly empower your ability to Envision, Embrace, and Enact the Energetic Potential of your vision and dreams and bring them alive in the world. By focusing on optimizing your 12-Strand DNA, this class will open your energetic pathways to manifestation and support you in living the life that you are destined to live.

Focused on You and Optimizing Your Life with Less Lecture and More Energy Techniques

Who can attend?
This IET Master-Instructor class is open to any IET student who will have completed the IET Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels by the time of the class, but you can register for this class before you complete these prerequisites.

“If you align your will with that of this creative force, you will find yourself pleased beyond your wildest dreams.”  Angel Ariel, from Interview with and Angel.

Here Is What You Will Gain From Our Class:

Optimize Your DNA:
In this IET Master-Instructor class you will learn how to optimize your 12-Strand DNA, and open your energetic pathways to manifestation that can support you in living the life that you are destined to live.

Receive the IET Master-Instructor Attunement:
The Master-Instructor attunement optimizes the 6th pair of your DNA and activates you to unleash the power of Sacred IET Geometry in your sessions and classes.

Learn the Secrets of IET Sacred Geometry:
You will learn to use Sacred IET Geometry to harness the IET rays for our Masters only techniques.

Discover and Live Your Reach:
Beyond your Soul’s Mission the Angels have an even greater and grander vision for you in the world – something we call your “Reach”. In this class you will identify and claim your Reach.

Attune Your Students & Re-Attune Yourself:
Your Master-Instructor attunement combined with your knowledge of Sacred IET Geometry will enable you to re-attune yourself at the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced IET levels, as well as pass these IET attunements along to others in your IET classes. As part of this class you will receive 18 re-attunements (6 Basic, 6 Intermediate, and 6 Advanced) designed to open and strengthen your channels of manifestation. We call it our IET Energy Fun Fest!

Be Certified to Teach IET:
For those who wish to teach, this class will empower and certify you to teach our IET Basic, IET Intermediate, IET Advanced, IET for Kids, IET for Pets, Steps to Transformation and Healing Angels classes.

New IET Master-Instructors Receive:
* Discounts on products
* Free Directory Listing on the website
* Access to the “For Instructors Only” section of the website
* Manuals, Certificate of Graduation

What’s holding you back?
You don’t have to have been using your previously acquired IET skills in order to take this class. In fact, many students who take this class have little or no practice yet in using their IET skills with others. Even if you have no intention of teaching, you will benefit personally from the attunements received during this class.

Receive the IET Master-Instructor Attunement  which activates your 6th pair of Spiritual DNA.

Learn and practice how to optimize Your DNA – Discover and Live Your Reach – Special Masters Only Techniques – The Blessing Bowl Process – Sacred Heart~netting – 12-Strand DNA Alignment- I-Chi Process – IET Power Bursts – Amplifying IET Energy – Attune Your Students & Re-Attune Yourself – Be Certified to Teach IET and much more……

You will receive a registration letter via email when payment has been received.

Master-Instructor Certification Classes

ALL classes are from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM  Both Days

Payment Options:
Prepay securely online with your MC, Visa, Discover, Debit Card, E~Check or Paypal account. 

Please specify in the comment section with your payment which class you are registering for. Thank you!


Venice Florida 2022

January 22 & 23

March 19 & 20

July 23 & 24

September 24 & 25

The Empowered Heart Center

To register on line please use button below

New Student Deposit $230.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

New Student Full Payment EB  $800.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Reviewing Master~Instructor EB $333.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


Richmond INDIANA

June 5 & 6, 2022

Location: Journey Yoga studio

424 North 10th Street
Richmond, IN 47374



Clear Lake IOWA

October 23 & 24, 2022

Location: Holistic

Harmony Wellness

313 N 8th Street

Clear Lake, IA 50428

Join IET® Master-Instructor Trainer Maria L’Aria Raa Kramer and host IET® Master-Instructor Bonny Kraus for a May Miracle Manifestation Self-Mastery Aligning with your Reach weekend in beautiful serene Clear Lake Iowa. Located a few hours south of St Paul, MN and North of Des Moines IA. Class is in the Healing place to be; Holistic Harmony Wellness, owned by Darcee Johanns. The perfect place to birth the new YOU while you become certified as an IET® Master-Instructor!

To register on line please use button below

New Student Deposit $230.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

New Student Full Payment EB  $800.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Reviewing Master~Instructor EB $333.00
Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


IET® Master-Instructor Bonny Kraus is teaching the pre-req classes Master-Instructor Bonny Kraus is teaching a Basic-Intermediate-Advanced classes/ Intensive in Clear Lake IA  Contact Bonny at or call 928-300-0359

Here are what other participants thought of the class

Thank you beautiful Maria once again for the most magical beautiful touching class last weekend. I did not realize how much I needed it, and just connecting to everybody there, seeing you again, being in your beautiful peaceful energy was just wow. Everyone there is just gorgeous and this call reminded me of why I fell in love with IET in the first place. IET People are just the nicest people. You feel the heart center work. People are drawn to it. Thank you. Linda

I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful class this weekend. It was truly a life changer and I am just tingling and radiating all over. I just had my first miracle of the day. Pat A

Very clear concise and informative presentation. Lots of hands on practice with guidance. Loved the class and the instructor. Sharon

Dearest Maria Thank you for the gift of this class. Your knowledge, humor, patience and tremendous loving energy made this a joyful and powerful experience. With deep love and gratitude. Penny

Maria is extremely knowledgable, compassionate and thorough . I loved this weekend. Pam

Maria is outstanding!! very personable and related to everyone and made everyone comfortable. Ann P

Maria was excellent, not only in her teaching style, but her true love and care for the process and her students. She truly is living her soul’s purpose and that shows as she glows. Maria is a gift to us all. Thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of her class. Deborah.

It is even better the second time Jacy.

Loved the class Good pace Good break up of info/practice. Instructor helped give depth/clarity to why+purpose+structure of energy field. Kari.

Maria’s classes are informative, fun and she spreads her passion for IET throughout the class. Any questions are addressed in an easy understandable way. She has ignited a flame and has helped me grow in ways I would never have imagined. I have attended several classes and have attended additional classes. Each time I have Aha moments and I am a better Instructor and Practitioner because of her mentorship. Leona.

Thank you Maria.. The group was excellent. I loved working and learning with everybody. The best class EVER! Thank you. My words do not do justice to my feelings. A lot more I could share. As always Maria is fabulous and perfect. Norma.

This experience has been wonderful. I am happy I learned what I learned form a magnificent teacher. I have been expanded. Thank you so very much for this opportunity. Mandy.

Awesome review class. Learned so much more the second time around in a small class. Linda

Wonderful class. The personal attention is most appreciated. Donna.

The grace light and sweetness Maria brought to the training was felt by all and facilitated the experience at the highest vibrational level. very Special. Jeff.

Maria was fantastic. Joyful, uplifting, light filled class . Blessed, loving, helpful, creative. Great workshop. Phillip.

Maria’s teachings were over and beyond to make this the most memorable experience. Lisa.

Maria is the perfect blend of knowledge with sensitivity and passion for this beautiful healing practice. Lori.

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