Refresher IET Class

Are you ready for some Self-Mastery with the angels and Master the IET processes to create the shifts you are looking for?

We will focus on self treatment and also do some distance work as well as healing work for the planet.

Have you gotten away from IET and would love reconnect with it again?

Would you like to deepen your connection to the angels and sharpen your IET skills?

Would you like to reconnect with the IET community?

Are you ready to receive some love and a blissful IET angel session?

When was the last time you had a session or did an exchange?

This is for practitioners at Advanced and Master Instructor level only!

Would you like to spend a FUN-FILLED IET Self-Care Spa angel LOVE day of laughter, empowerment and joyful bliss in the company of angels and IET earth Angels?
Then this is for you.

Subject to be adjusted to support those attending
Some of what we will be doing is:
Going over Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Manuals
Learn how to and practice Self treatments of All  levels
5 Minute WAG Empowerment  Self session
Full Basic and Intermediate Self treatment hand positions
Cellular memory Map/ Energy Field
Give and receive distance sessions
Receive an angel blessing message
4 E’s and Manifestation Practices
Arm and Leg resistance process
Soul Star Clearing
Heart Beams
Plenty of time to get all your questions answered!

This is a very interactive and hands on day for learning how to take self treatment to the next level. 

Facilitated by Maria Kramer IET Master-Instructor Trainer
Please let me know what level you are when you register so I can tailor make the day accordingly.

Via Video Conference

April 28, 2021

10 AM – 5 PM EDT

We will take “teepee” breaks and time for snacking during the day as group needs.

Abundance Exchange: $155

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Here is what other participants thought of the Tele~class:

Thank you Maria Kramer for an absolutely wonderful all day I.E.T. Refresher Class! So much fun! Namaste! Lovey Adamczyk  Ohio Master-Instructor

It was an honor and privilege to share this with everyone Linda Ohio Master-Instructor

Absolutely! I feel my knowledge has been refreshed greatly and I personally needed that clearing. Finally a decent night’s sleep!! Thanks all! Cat Mayor NY Master-Instructor

It was so much more than just review! I experienced healing and a shift in vibration! I am so very grateful to all of you. Feeling high on love! Teresa  McIlravey NY Master-Instructor

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