IET® Healing Angels

IET logo Healing Angels jpg Heal with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field
Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah & Michael.

A profound Retreat day of fun, joy, laughter, love and self-healing.

Are you ready to open up your inner channels and feel, see, hear, smell know the Divine?

Are you searching for a way to create more sacredness and  balance in your life?

Deepen your relationship with the Divine trough the Angelic realm and develop deeper level of trust in your own intuition.

Develop deep inner peace and knowing as you trust the guidance you receive.
Shift into your new beliefs of empowerment, worthiness and abundance.

Learn the gift each Angel bring you and how to allow them to bring miracles in your life.

Become empowered as you develop your own intuition and connection to the angels.
You will receive a workbook and a certificate of attendance

No Pre requisites for this class. It is a wonderful introduction to the Energy of angelic realm and how easy it is for us to communicate and hear their messages.

This is a very interactive hands on workshop

Self-Love Healing Day with the Angels of the Energy Field

December 14  2019

9:30 AM – 6 PM

Let’s join together for self healing and let this love healing ripple out all over the world as a blessing to all.

“Potluck Lunch” Please bring something Vegan or Vegetarian to share.

You will receive a registration email after receipt of payment

Abundance Exchange $144

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Ask about the attend with a friend  10% discount of full Price
All workshops require a $50 deposit
There is a $50 cancellation fee with all workshops
Facilitated by Rev. Maria Kramer IET Master-Instructor Trainer
Master-Instructor last 15 years.

Maria is open to travel if you wish to host a class in your location to your group. 

9 Healing Angels of the Energy Field via  

4 Video Tele-Conference Sessions

Ready for some Spring Cleaning on all levels

April Awakening to the Authentic Amazing Awesome you with the Angels

What do you you need help with changing in your life? Why not ask the Divine intercessors and messengers for help and support and insight.

Finances? Health? Relationships? Ascension Symptoms?

Loopy negative Mental thought Programs?

Emotional roller coaster?       You feel stuck?

Are you at a cross roads and need guidance as to your next Step?

Are you ready to Allow the Angelic realm to do the heavy lifting and be free to Be and prosper and create as you are meant yo be?

Are you curious as to how to connect and feel the angels and angelic energy?
Would you like to deepen your relationship with the angels?

Learn how to open your heart to hear, feel, see and sense angel Presence.
Meet and feel the energy of the angels infuse you with wholeness
Learn what are angels. What each of these angels special amazing empowering gift they bring forth  what chakra they work with and how they heal emotions and helps us lift into a more joyful, abundant, loving peaceful life.


Receive a Divine Message and personal blessing

from each angel 

Saturday 4/1      12 pm -2 pm Angels Ariel Raphael
Sunday 4/2      12 pm -2pm Angels Gabriel & Celestina
Saturday 4/8      12 pm -2 pm Angels Faith &  Cassiel
Sunday 4/9      12 pm -3 pm Angels DanielSarah & Michael

$144 Angelic Abundance Exchange for the whole program

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$40 Drop in for single angel class

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To receive Workbook and certificate please add $22 includes Shipping and Handling

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