Maria Kramer L’AriaKaaRaa


Rev. Maria E. Kramer is dedicated to healing the world to peace through her mission to “Awaken Peace and Love” in all she meets and to help others heal themselves by being a guiding light. A light to assist others in rekindling and setting ablaze the light of Divine love we all are in our hearts.

Through her own journey of healing and awakening, she has come to know the simple Truth — that every single person is precious and Divine, no matter of how removed his or her behaviors and life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. They have just forgotten who they are.

She has come to know that we are not victims of our lives and that others are not in control of our lives. We are all truly incredibly powerful creators of all of our experiences.

We are, at each moment, presented the opportunity to make choices, and it is up to us to make the choices that are in alignment with the truth of who we are.

In 2009 during meditation she was blessed to receive with great clarity her soul name from ancient origin: L’AriaNaAnyaKaaRaa which means “Beaming Light of Love.” It is with great honor and delight she has embraced this walk as Heart translator, Awakener of truth, Illuminator of lovelight.
Her wish is that we may all truly come to know in our heart of hearts, the beautiful and awesome Divine beings of love and peace that we are.

4 Comments on “Maria Kramer L’AriaKaaRaa

  1. Hi Maria,
    My name is Laura. I live in Long Island and I am wondering if you have any plans to teach a weekend of IET basic/ intermediate/advanced early in 2016. Donna Ho referred me to you. I can’t do it in Florida. If not is there someone in New York you can refer me too. Thank you

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