Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Springing of Springing in to Spring

Hello Beloved Beautiful Soul, Happy Joyous Spring to you! It is the time of Awakening from the wintery slumber and restful introspection. This week is the official week that marks the arrival of Spring as the Spring Equinox occurred the…

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St Patrick Day Blessing

Hello Beloved one, Saint Patrick is one of my favorite powerful Saints to connect with in my healing work and invite his amazingly loving, empowering frequescies, vibration and energies to join us in the sessions.  Are you aware of the…

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Message from the Angels

Hello Beloved beautiful Soul, This afternoon I came across this message I channeled on 9/11/11 as I was looking for something else in my emails and feel compelled to share it here as it feels a timeless piece.  Enjoy and…

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