Message from the Angels

Hello Beloved beautiful Soul,

This afternoon I came across this message I channeled on 9/11/11 as I was looking for something else in my emails and feel compelled to share it here as it feels a timeless piece.  Enjoy and may you receive inspiration of possibility, hope, love, joy and unity that you need from it. The first part is my experience leading up to the message. 

“As I awoke in the morning the day greeted me with the same crisp, most beautiful day of the season with clear blue skies, not a cloud or chem trail to be seen. The perfect day just like in 2001. It was a Tuesday just like then. What surprised me was the eerie silence from 8:30 am till noon, with not a plane in the sky or sound of planes that normally sound above my house daily as if all flights had been halted again.

As I do not watch TV or news I was not aware of other observations around the nation visually although I knew many were taking place. At some point I felt the need to go into the backyard and meditate on mother Earth’s soft ground. Being an empath brings many gifts such as you can feel what others are feeling all around the world and huge waves of pain, grief, sadness, remorse flooded through me. Thank God for IET as I realized as I often do, I was clearing energy not just for me but for others around the word and I began doing the Intermediate session on my self as I heartlinked to any who needed the healing allowing myself to be the vessel for the Divine to work through.

It reminded me so of 2001 when seeing the images that day, I felt the fear and pains of all in the buildings and planes. During the next couple of hours images of many of the millions of people around the world, who have suffered and are still suffering or has died since that day, came before me in my inner vision. The pain, loss, grief, frustration of the all the people who have been affected from the decade of wars appeared; children, soldiers, women, men, mothers, fathers, spouses. How far it reaches beyond the 3000 souls on that day and how could we have allowed it to go this far. Eventually the energy cleared and I felt a deep calm and inner peace flood through me and here is the message from the angels:

cloud reflection“As long as citizens of the Land of the Free choose to follow leaders who choose violent reactions to assert power; suffering, death, powerlessness, fear and imprisonment will continue. United States is intended to stand as a beacon of light, offering new choices to live the New Earth in harmony with all living beings as it was intended to be, by the people for the people as a United gathering of Divine light to gift birth of a different consciousness to the whole planet just as the beloved forefathers dreamed. The pain and suffering the last 11 years, since the event that changed the lives of all, whether personally or at a distance.

Know that the number 11 is of significance every year. 11 is two 1’s. It is the 1 and the 1. One mirror of the other. A reflection of self as you might say, just like the Twin Towers were one building reflecting itself in the other and as you have created the Reflection Pool in its memory, perhaps invite yourself to become aware of what are you seeing reflected back to you, for what one sees is but a reflection of one’s inner self.

The opportunity to call forth the authentic free soul and spirit being or the fearful one that lashes out violently is what was offered humanity. We know this day what choice leaders and the collective consciousness made the last 11 years.
Are you ready to offer a new choice of freedom, space, unity, united in the power of love, peace, joy, upliftment, non-violent conflict resolution or continue united in fear, separateness, love of power, control?
How many millions of lives do you wish to take while withholding truth, love of brotherhood, unity consciousness of peace? How many more tears must be shed?
How much more fear based consciousness, rules and restrictions, limitations do you choose to buy into?
What if it was all an illusion to begin with and the world has lived a lie for 11 years?
What f it was time to wake up and live a fear free consciousness from the heart authentically aligned with your own divine inner authority instead of submitting to an outer authority? The choice beloved ones lies in the hands of each citizen in this country, not the elected ones.
i-meditate-so-thatIt is interesting how the name United States has another meaning you may not have aligned with before? It is just not intended to be representing a physical body of land as many see it united under one “umbrella” , however, also is reflective as the united states of consciousness of the divine beings who choose to live on her land.
The change of consciousness comes from each individual and as united states of being choose the path of love and freedom, the elected officials will reflect the thinking, beliefs and choices of the people. The power when two or more are gathered united in states of being whether in fear or love is great.

The 11 this year is again a 1 reflecting the other 1. This is the 11th year after that day. You are offered a new beginning as what you think is reflected back to you very quickly. The 1 and the 1 are not separate entities, but the one and the same.
Can you see and feel the truth of oneness or do you align with the illusion of separation?
Do you see you are all one united state of being ?
Are you willing and ready to step out of the old paradigm and into a new one?
You hold the choice in your hearts and hands every moment of every day.
What if the security was not needed?
What if there were no terrorist?
What if is was all an illusion to keep fear based consciousness alive?

More importantly, let not let all who have suffered as citizens of the world, soldiers, any who have lost lives, body’s, mind and spirit be for naught.
We pray that all this day embrace the choice for living peace, non-violent conflict resolution, love, joy as united states of individuals united in their hearts of choosing a different path filled with new possibilities of love and peace in every home, city, state and country.
Invite one another to live true freedom, non-interference, respect, honor and wisdom in the United States of the Americas, united in states of love, peace and possibility.
You are what you see reflected in the world and you are responsible for what you experience in the world. What do you wish to experience?
The choice is yours and you all have the power to create the Free state of Being in the United States as it was intended to and reflecting it out into the world as so the world can align.
Many blessings we are complete.”
The Angels

Maria Kramer  9/11/11

One Comment on “Message from the Angels

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for writing this powerful message. We choose to live this daily, hourly, moment to moment, and we WILL, we ARE, reaching the free state of being, together.

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