I Have a Dream…

Hello beautiful beloved one

I have a dream…. what is yours?  We all have dreams and how many actually live them? Perhaps there are several different areas in which we dream. Personal, Family, Life Purpose and Planetary. 

On a Planetary and Universal level one might dream of all Earth’s brother and sisters living in non- interference with one another, peace and harmony with our beloved Gaia. Much like the songs from Abba ( I have a Dream) , Michael Jackson ( Heal the World) and John Lennon ( Imagine). 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn a personal level perhaps it is living with inner and outer harmony, full vibrant physical health, fully aligned with our Divine Presence and nature of joy, love and laughter in the present moment. Perhaps it is resolving a lifelong challenge we all get presented with individually and heal the past so we can be fully present here in this moment. Perhaps it is living in steadfast harmony with a personal philosophy and complete commitment to our personal inner relationship with the Divine first  and formost so we can  authentically and truly open our hearts to love our soul sisters and brothers as ourselves. Perhaps it is learning how to truly open our hearts to receive and give love unconditionally.

dreambigWhen we think of the dream for our family, perhaps it encompasses all knowing how loves they all are and that they are perfect as they are. Perhaps it is seeing the family unit as a team and how they can be each others cheer leaders in all the action and beings they are. Some families have come together as a tight knit unit that spend a lot of time together. Some families have come together to support the individuality of each soul in soaring through life as they leave the nest to explore distant seas.  

Sometimes I see parents have attempting to live the dreams they were not able to through their children and here one has to be conscious and careful. Just as we are different from our parents and have different purposes so does our children often have different passions from us. Sometimes they are  similar. Remember family can include biological, spiritual, integrated, adopted. 

intuitionLife purpose……   Each one of us has a profound important life purpose and mission to fulfill. Our life purpose is something that brings us great joy, is fun,is our passion, uplifts us, inspires us, opens out heart, juices us up. When we are involved with it we get immersed and time seems to stand still. We would do it for hours for free and yet it is what will bring us the greatest fulfillment and abundance. “Do the thing you love and the money will follow”. You have heard that saying and it is true. A life purpose is also something that you will most likely be doing till the day you leave this planet as one does not think of retiring for how can one retire from something that is not work ,but only play that you get handsomely rewarded for. 

Our life purpose is something that will involve 3 criteria.

It is good for us and will be a blessing to ourselves.  

It is a blessing and benefit for others.

It will bless and benefit our planet. 

I feel as a world soul group we all have one common life purpose, which is to awaken from the unconscious sleep we have enjoyed a very long time. To remember we are all ONE and release the habit pattern of insanity of separation consciousness that causes us to be extremely unkind to one another. To heal the wound of self doubt and powerlessness and reclaim our truth and authenticity through the empowered heart of love and trust. 

Ask yourself a few questions:

What is your dream for your self, your family, the world?

Have I been living my dream or someone else dream?

What’s on your bucket list? How many have you crossed off?

If you had one month left how would you spend it?

If this was your last day and you did a life review what would you regret, what would like to be able so say and feel about your choices and life? 

How did I contribute to the world and making the world a better place?

Enjoy and have fun and don’t let your dream slip away from you.

Blessings and hugs of lovelovelove

Maria L’Aria Raa 

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