Judgement to Joy

Judgement to Joy

As we have in the USA just inaugurated a new President it seems the energy of judgement, anger, rage and victim consciousness is rising on a collective level and I so I feel once again sharing on this topic is imperative to bring awareness and remembrance. The more we are pulled into a judgement energy the more we are disconnected from our truth and peace filled Divinity and it will not support us in co-creating the peaceful glorious new consciousness world we are gifted the opportunity to experience.

“Judgement kills, forgiveness heals” Maria Kramer

Ahhh Judgement,,,, beloved judgement…..Judgement is the most destructive and painful mental thought process and activity we can choose to participate in that has become another addiction in our society today. It is fear with an attitude. Through judgment we find fault with others and most often ourselves and constantly projects our incorrect perception outward as we blame others for our own misery, lack and victimization in our lives.

“Judgement perpetuates victim consciousness and keeps the blame game going.” Maria Kramer

Every time we judge we create shame and guilt as it triangles and is totally run by ego. Judgement, guilt and shame keeps us in fear based illusion that creates a sense of separation from God and other beings, feelings of lack, victim consciousness, dominion, power over, disempowered. Through judgement we build a finite tiny mental prison we end up living in.

Judgement creates the ultimate belief in separation that I am different than my brother and sister and God. I am right and you are wrong. I am good and you are bad. This is good and that is bad. It causes us and society to live in a constant state of comparison and serves the ego in stepping into more power and it loves it. Judgement is away ego through it’s perception of lack and insecurity can feel more empowered, sort of I told you so.

“Comparison is the death of joy.” Mark Twain

listenselfWe learn judgement early on by being judged by all the adults and authority figures based on their fears they project onto us and then we become expert judges by default and condemning ourselves and others perpetuating the habit and if are unconscious, we pass it on to others and our children. Most of us judge ourselves in comparison to others so we are literally putting ourselves down constantly sort of nailing ourselves to our own crosses.

Judgment is very subjective, disempowering, disallowing and totally connected to living through past experiences and unconsciously bringing them into the now. It is especially interesting how lost we have gotten as a society in making a business out of proving innocence and guilt as it is filled with fault finding and seeing others as enemies or different than you.

Every time we find fault with anything or anyone we totally disconnect form the energy of love which is the very energy of our existence and it lovers our vibration dramatically. So you can say we are starving ourselves of oxygen and pinching off life source energy whenever we judge. Judgement is the energy that creates most illnesses in our bodies as we hold old to this energy for years. It is a way we have created energy cords connected to past people, events, belief systems and thought forms. For most is has become such a habit most are not even aware that are judging to the degree we do.

“If you are to awaken you will have to come into balance with the world of duality, which means you will have to transcend judgment in your life.” Leonard Jacobson

So how do we transcend judgement and awaken to the joy of our true beingness? Well, I have found there are several steps to the process, however, they are simple.


First Step is to become aware that we are judging. Without awareness we cannot change a behavior. Once we are aware we become empowered in a sense. It is like opening the curtain to let the sunlight in.

Second Step is to become aware of “who” is doing the judging. As you do it will become crystal clear what part of you in on duty. Is the ego serving your soul or has it taken over. Whose beliefs have you adapted? If you are judging others become aware of how it is a projection of self-judgements onto others.

Am I judging because others are judging and embraced the collective belief or is it mine?

Ask yourself: “What am I judging within me, I have not been able to forgive myself for yet?” Your spiritual mastery is to move from fear into love constantly and from judgement to joy.

Third Step is choosing to do something different to interrupt the pattern of judging. One simple way is to offer Gratitude and say “Thank you!” Wow …I just judged again. How amazing is that? Make a game out of it. Gratitude is a most potent healer and empowers us and returns us to the truth that we are enough and we are full. It is the easiest way to lift out of any pattern. When we can be grateful and thankful for all things and people in our lives we lift into abundance, peace, love and JOY

Forth Step is offering forgiveness to yourself and others as it releases the multiple cords, ties to all people, places and situations of the past. Is calls our energy to be present in this moment.

“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

When we know that Judgement disconnects and Joy connects it is easy to make a choice for pure joy. Spiritual Joy is a state of Being that is beyond emotions. It is our natural state of Being, where we are fully connected to God, Source, our own Divine nature that knows all is well, beautiful and perfect just as it is. Nothing external can rock the boat no matter how turbulent the stormy sea you are sailing in is.

It is surrender to the present moment, feeling fully connected to All-ness that is in the Oneness, which is constantly expanding. This deep inner peace lives in total acceptance of all that is. In this high vibration of true joy, we are fully connected, hooked up, to divine source and we know we are eternal and never seperate from the Divine Self and nothing can ever hurt us for we are not identified with the body but our true essence.

positive-energyThrough JOY we are fully present with what is in the moment and able to see life from a higher prospective and know the amazing beautiful “play” this life is. We know there is a purpose for everything. Joy is the internal wellspring of Source and truth, like swimming in infinite ocean of unconditional love for all parts of our human Self and all Brothers and Sisters. The key to live an awakened life in complete freedom is to choose JOY as it is our magical key. As Mother Theresa said: “Joy is strength.” for you are impervious to the illusion of fear.

I invite you to lift into true Joy this week. Become aware of when you judge, perhaps place your hand on heart offer: “Thank you!”


“I choose joy instead of this judgement.”
“In this moment I choose JOY.”
“In this moment I am so Grateful.”
“In this moment I am thankful.”

Infinite Blessings of Joy, Peace and lovelovelove

Maria L’Aria Raa Kramer

2 Comments on “Judgement to Joy

  1. This article is very helpful, as I want to live in JOY !!! Grateful there is a different way.

  2. Love this post Maria!

    Extra Sweet Blessings,



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