Saint Lucia Blessings

Hello Beloved soul

Today many across the world celebrate Saint Lucia day. I have all my life felt very connected to her. She was and still is bringer of light to where there is darkness pain and sorrow in the world with great love and compassion for her fell brothers and sisters around 300 AD. We often awake baking St. Lucia saffron rolls that are divine, sing songs and enjoy lots of candles lighting the dark winter night.

“When we illuminate there is no longer time to ruminate.” Maria Kramer

Here is a sweet message I received this morning as I connected to her consciousness.

I AM  illuminescent Presence.
I AM luminosity of light.
I AM the infiniteness of stars, lighting the way of your darkened path.
I AM the light of luminous hope so that you in this density would be able to cope.
I AM to remind you there is nothing to fear. For when you know beyond a shadow of doubt the luminous light of Presence that is you as I AM, it will light your path brilliantly clear. Santa Lucia

saint luciaSanta Lucia Prayer
May the light and Spirit of Santa Lucia light your way
through the darkness of the winter and all through the New Year.
May her love and compassion for her fellow man burn brightly within your heart for all time.
That this day and all your days
will be filled with Love, Gratitude and Joy.
Maria Kramer
Copyright 2006

Blessings on remembering the  illuminescent Presence you are.


Maria L’Aria Raa  

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