I want peace Angel Cassiel

Hello beloved beautiful soul,

“I – want – peace”. ‘I’ is ego, ‘want’ is desire. Remove ego and desire,
and you will be left with peace.”  Sathya Sai Baba

Peace is the desired gift most of humanity is craving for and yet has been eluded many over eons of time. The long inner conflict between ego and soul.  We all want peace.  Are we each willing to be the one to live it in action from soul more than catering to the need of ego that needs to win and be right? It is quite the opposite of what is often happening in the world where competition, comparison, egoic self-preservation, greed, power and control.  It is the question we are invited to aster each individually and make a choice on every moment of the day.

Being Peace is an deep inner journey back home to the truth of the essence of who we are. It means choosing the path less traveled that is different from the group consciousness. However, as more and more of us choose living the path of peace it will become the new norm and humanity and society will be transformed as if in a twinkling of an eye.

“To have peace we must first be peace.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Angel Cassiel Speak

Beloved Angel Cassiel please share with me a message on the quote I want peace.

Peace is always there. Peace is always there. Peace is always there.  When the fear you have created has been dissolved, deleted, released, let go of, then you will return to feeling, knowing, embracing the peace that is you. When the fear consciousness cloud cover has been lifted from your cell memory, the essence of peace you are in every cell will illuminate your body, heart and energy field in union with Source. The peace that Source is,  you are!

The choice through free will to experience separation, doubt, fear was yours, however, through a long enough journey that created a habitual pattern, like a record stuck in a groove, perhaps the time has come for the individual and the collective to make another free will choice of deleting those programs and illusions of beautiful stories of dramas and chaos,  to feel with your heart, the truth of your being in oneness with your Divine Nature. Your Divine essences within The Essence which is ever expanding into higher light, peace, love and infinite joy. 

dp_truepeace_4001-1In this moment I choose peace instead of fear 

In this moment I choose peace instead of pain

In this moment I choose the peace I AM and command the light of love and peace to fill me and envelop me no matter what. As I AM peace our family is peace, the community is peace, the country is peace and the world is peace.  

Invite the fountain of peace from the Source within your heart to fill every cell, atom, electron, parts and particle. It is a choice to choose to be peace. When one is peace,  you are sovereign and you are free of the bondages and chains  of control,  for nothing can sway you as you now the truth of your being and there is “right” relationship within as ego has once again become the servant of  your soul, I AM Presence as was originally intended.  In being peace one vibrates  that into the world through your energy field and ALL is affected.

Know Beloved ones, when you are FOR peace you are not it. The only way to peace is Being it. If you are for peace you can still come from ego, mind fear and anger. Then you are not being that which is wanted. So Earthangels claim the peace you are. Choose it. Let go of all old habits. It is easy. Choice. Choice. Choice.

We love you dearly. Call upon us, The Cassiel, to support you in this transisition of leadership within your beingness of ego resigning from the presidential seat and surrendering to soul leading from the presidential seat in the heart. Soul leading the way, being peace. True being. Being peace, you are so anchored in truth and deepest knowing of what you are, that no harm can ever come to you. Delight, enjoy the bliss of peace you are, now and always. We are complete.

Channeled through Maria Kramer 12/9/2016

Blessings on a delightful day of being peace
Hugs of lovelovelove
Maria L’Aria Raa

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