Happy Heart

Hello Beloved one

“You will always live happy if you live with heart.”

To live with heart is freedom from judgement.

To live with heart is to be free to BE the SOUL BEING of LOVE you are.

Living with heart there is only the joy of the now.

There are no questions, only Being. It is void of duality consciousness. One cannot be in judgement and happy at the same time. The sooner we learn that the world outside of us cannot ever make us happy, the easier our life experience will be. Happiness is not a goal to attain some day in the future. Happiness can only be experienced in the present moment. So if we are happy, there is only peace in this moment as we are fully present in our heart space from where truth resides.

If we are not happy it is because we are in our mind and ego is playing in judgement playground. So the question is, are we truly ready to claim living with happy heart all the time?  We can you know. That would be a whole new concept for many. What is stopping you from choosing that? 

Would you allow yourself to be free of all conflict, suffering, self doubt and judgment? All these are construct of the limited mind. What do you choose?  If yes let go of all outside preoccupations and worries and become aware of your yourself in the present moment. All will become still.

Do we have the courage to release the need to know, to control, be right and claim the present happy heart moment as our natural state of consciousness right now?

Living with heart is living happy heaven on earth now. It is living aligned with your soul heart, that has absolutely no opinion on any experience. Our soul is only here to have experiences  and is happy with all experiences. All provide soul growth and spiritual mastery that we have come here to master.


All the ways and reasons why, I have closed my heart and choose not to feel happy I forgive myself in all dimensions of time  and space and let it all go now. 

I claim living with my soul heart in this moment.

I choose being the consciousness of presence happy heart now. Living with happy heart is for me, because happy heart is life and being alive and I love living life fully, holy and wholly now.

Living with heart I experience happy Heaven on earth now.  

Living with heart I feel God’s / Divine Intelligence presence fill me overflowing.

Living with heart every cell in my body and field is alive with I AM Presence I AM

Take a deep breath in and out allow yourself to feel your cells jumping happily  in your heart with infinite joy. Look at the flowers in the picture above and feel the love they vibrate from their heart to yours. Allow yourself to be present with their presence in this moment. 

Blessings on a  gloriously Happy heart Day


Maria L’Aria Raa 

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