Let things come to you!

Hello beautiful soul

May today be the day we embrace a way of life that operate from the consciousness that “Let things come to you” as it said on my yogi tea this morning.

Many grew up in the tradition of do have be lifestyle. Got to do more, to have what we want  or just survive and then we will be good enough and happy. That is the old model of living in the world and it is not working well anymore as our consciousness is changing individually and collectively.

If one want’s to be in the flow of life we manifest best from the current paradigm of Be, Do, Have. In other words, spending more time meditating  developing our Spiritual connection to the Divine aligning ourselves with the vibration of peace, love and joy free from fears which is the true space from which we co create everything with ease and grace. It is stepping into complete trust at all times.

“I relax and allow myself to be a vibrational match to be the energy of that which I am in the process of bringing to me.”

I have noticed the more I relax, envision trust and allow the easier it is for experiences to come to me at just the perfect divine time.

Often we have created blocks to receiving.  Try this and see how it works in your life.

“I now release all the resistance I have to receive good into my life now and give permission to the angels to remove those blocks pronto.”

“What consciousness can I BE to LET THINGS COME TO ME with ease and grace in my life right now?”

 “I live in the flow of the river of life that circulates infinite health, wealth and goodness to everyone including me  just at the right time always.”

 Many blessings of a glorious day

Namaste Maria L’Aria Raa



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