Be Your Self

Hello Beloved one,

Message for today:




What is it I AM?  Who is it I AM?  How far from I AM have I wandered?

Touch into your heart and soul and invite the true you to be present at all times.

Listen to the true you whispering or roaring to be expressed in the world.

The joyous, silly, happy, authentic, funny, innocent, courageous, fearless, laughing, creative, innovative, conscious, constant, compassionate, independent, strong, eternal, ballsy, free, present you that perhaps has taken a backseat over the years.

Let go of all the weight of judgement that you have allowed to settle upon your shoulders and in your energy field. Envision, see, sense, feel all the negative commentary lifted  from you as your would take off a set of clothes. Place it in a trash bin and turn on the dematerialization button. 

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” ~Alan Watts

Feel the lightness and freedom of the beautiful you simple, energetic true you. Choose this new you as each moment arrives. Enjoy being true to you. Feel the gift of joy bubble over as if a bubblebath and be the bubbelicious you, you are meant to BE.

Today I embrace fully the I AM that is ME!

I love being the special ME I AM!


Maria L’Aria Raa 

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