Radical Forgiveness
Claim your fabulous life in Freedom through the liberation of Radical Forgiveness
A 3 week Tele-Journey to set your life on fire.

Fridays June 12, 19, 26 2020

Teleconference Workshop

2:00 PM ~ 3PM EDT

Are you ready to walk out of the prison of fear into the freedom of love and true joy!

Join us for an awakening time of unearthing all that is hidden within you as you learn tools to and processes to be free in the present moment of now.

Have you been struggling with forgiveness of your life?

  • Discover
    What is Radical forgiveness?
    The many faces of forgiveness
    The three different areas it is imperative for us to forgive to live peace.
  • Forgiveness of others
  • Forgiveness of God
  • Forgiveness of Self
    How do you know you have truly forgiven?
    Why we don’t!
    How blame, guilt and anger impacts our health.
    What happens when we don’t.
  • Learn Eeasy, simple processes and exercises to embrace living true Forgiveness now.
    What is Presence and what does it have to do with forgiveness?
    If not now, when?
  • Receive a recording of the entire program and Reference PDF after the class.

Experience 3 Guided Forgiveness Meditations

This is a time of deep profound healing, fun and laughter.

Abundance exchange $97 for all three weeks

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Presented by Rev. Maria Kramer, Author, Interfaith Minister, Mystic, New Earth Consciousness Teacher & Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor and Trainer.

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