IET® Advanced Level

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In the Advanced Level you will learn how to bring your soul’s mission to life faster; learn how to manifest the elements of your heart’s desires; learn how to clear resistance to living your soul’s mission; and 7 more techniques to empower yourself and healing of the Earth and others; how to implement all of what you learned before on the lower levels.

You will also experience an attunement to the Advanced IET energy ray which unlocks the 5th pair of DNA strands and activates the energy of your soul’s purpose.

This class specifically focuses on your soul’s mission, and creating the life you want and helps you find out why you are here on Earth. There will be a part of the class specifically directed at increasing your ability to do the “Soul Star” clearing which will help you activate your soul’s purpose.


Advanced Class at Shekinah Temple, NY May 2013

You will be taught the “Heartwave Process” to clear your energy field for yourself and others. “Heartnet Process” which is intended to assist you in actually manifesting your dreams and be taught the powerful energy wave technique to assist you in clearing resistance to living your dreams.

We will cover the “Respectfully Demanding Process” to support you in turning no’s into yes’s.

You will learn simple and extremely powerful “Arm and leg Tension and Relaxation Processes” to release all resistance to living your purpose i life.

Last, you will be taught how to build “Heartbeams” in order to anchor angelic energy into the Earth to bless and heal the earth and all her inhabitans.

This is a powerful Hands on day with self sessions as well as giving and receiving sessions with a partner.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Integrated Energy Therapy® Intermediate Level class is required for attendance at this class.

You will receive a certificate of completion and an Advanced manual


Advanced Class at Peaceology, NJ July 2013

All workshops require a $80 deposit
There is a $50 cancellation fee with all workshops
Classes are from 9:30 AM ~6PM
Facilitated by Rev. Maria Kramer IET® Master-Instructor Trainer
Master-Instructor last 19 years. Trainer 11 years.
Maria is open to travel if you wish to host a class in your location

You will receive a registration email after receipt of payment

Upcoming Classes 2023

Venice Florida

March 27

April 23

Woodbridge NJ

May 4 

 New Student Abundance Exchange: $300
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New student Deposit $80
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Reviewer Abundance Exchange $111

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Payment Options:
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Here is what others thought of the class

I loved the Advanced IET class. Maria is a fabulous instructor. She knows exactly what I needed and is extremely compassionate. I recommend her to anyone. ~ Alayna NY

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