Message of the Eagle

Namasté beautiful soul,

Today I was blessed with being with a young Bald Eagle visiting the tree in my yard.  I had the divine gift of experiencing it’s presence for several hours. It felt as if it was looking straight into my soul when we looked at each other.  At times it would just sit there are look at me and felt a tremendous joy filling in my heart as we entered into deep presence reveling in the moment.

The young eagle sat there for hours and eventually flew off only to dive quickly, with extraordinary precision and focus into the lake in front of me grabbing a fish out of the water with it’s strong sharp claws, rising ever higher as it flew off to enjoy the meal in a matter of seconds. I was amazed and astounded by the stealth flight fashion, focus, grace, fearlessness, total trust as it dived from great height into the water and emerged up and out of the water with it’s catch and then away. I witnessed within  40 feet that which I had seen in pictures and nature programs. Wow what a gift.

Eagles carry great medicine and is a revered Native American spirit power animal, It represents the power of Great Spirit and our connection to the Divine and guides us how to live  fully connected  in complete balance  our spiritual and earthly nature. It invites us to broaden our sense of self and look with the eyes of the heart beyond what the ego mind can see.  Eagle teaches us to face and conquer our fears and co-create new adventures in full trust with the Divine. Eagle represents the ability to live total freedom, to soar high, touch the heart of God, dare to dream big and love all parts of ourselves and others. If we listen and let it it can support our self- ascension journey from fear consciousness into vibration of love and beyond. Eagle asks us to liberate our selves, and live truly free following our heart  and create the life that is full of joy always.

I asked what message does this beautiful eagle have for me this day and pondered what the word eagle could stand for.

EAGLE: ” Embrace ALL Graciously Lovingly Eternally.”


“Soar with your eagle heart and touch the heart of Great Spirit that lives in you and everyone, everywhere, in all energy forms eternally. Lift you mind and heart up and remember who you are. Let your gaze lift to see from the mountain view the higher plan at work at all times. Rise, fly as high as you can and then next time reach even higher. Let yourself embrace the brilliant powerful, strong spirit being you are  and as you reach higher in the dimension or your consciousness you will see clearer the truth as the clouds of illusion dissolve. The best and truest viewpoint is often the one furthest away where you can see the 360 view instead of the valley view. Embrace ALL of yourself ALL of God’s creation as Great Spirit does. To live with eagle spirit is to embrace the unknown fearlessly, BE the empowered Divine Eternal Presence that you are. Let the thrill of each turn in your journey bring you great joy, laughter and peace knowing it is just a ride to lift you to higher truths.”

May Eagle bless you  and guide to to live a life beyond your widest dreams

Namaste L’Aria Raa

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