Spring Equinox Reset

Namasté Beloved Soul

How are you feeling?
We have been spring cleaning our homes the last several weeks most likely better than ever which may be a beautiful gift out of the experience we are going through individually and collectively at the moment. This is a Spring very different from what we perhaps are used to. Spring is a time of new beginnings, reset, birthing new things and way, ideas, energy forth from the deep inner work one has done during the winter. This is a time of spiritual death and resurrection for many as old habits and programs die out for real and we are inspired to create new. It is the spring of releasing, deleting, transmuting the FEAR program and resurrect the LOVE program for good. It is the Spring where Ego job is revamped and made into assistant and Soul is coming forward into the driver seat.

Perhaps it is time for an internal reset, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and do some spring cleaning of the body and energy vehicle that we tour around in. When was the last time you scrubbed it clean inside or out?

1. Go on a juice, coconut water or lemon water fast for a few days, a week or two or three.
2. Nourish yourself with living foods that grow with the suns light.
3. Sungaze at sunrise and sunset. ( Can be done from anywhere. Breathe in the sun’s light through your forehead and brow chakras and look into it with your physical eyes the first and last 5 minutes as it rises and sets.
4. Sit outside for awhile every day and let your body be infused with sunlight. It purifies and restores your cells from the outside in as the plants.
5. Take walks in nature, forest or the beach barefoot if you can and feel mother earth bless you and ask the divine to bless her with each step you take.
6. Do enemas or colonics at home, it’s easy.
7. Meditate on connecting to the light and let it fill you to overflowing.
8. Visualize, see, sense, feel purple light for transmutation of negative into positive.
9. Turn off the TV, computer, cellphone, router for a night, day two or ten.
10. Cleanse the interference energies that block your connection and communion with Source, so you can step into true freedom and inner peace.
11. Breathe deep and often. Allow breath to be your inner peace restorer.
12.Question everything and ask for TRUTH to be revealed

Feel the Divine support you every moment of the day and allow your free True Self to birth forward. Now is the time.
Blessings and much love
Maria L’Aria Raa

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