Violet Ray LoveLight

Namaste beautiful soul   
Here is a little intention prayer that came through the other morning I wanted to share
May it bless you as it is me.

Violet Light
Open my heart ever more bright.
Cleanse me of all darkness
that I may fully embrace the lightness.
Loving all I have ever been
that I may fully enjoy being seen.

In deepest gratitude for this light of transmutation
supporting my journey and inner transformation
from duality to unity
from separation to celebration
from aloneness to oneness
within my own  inner universe
and  outer universes.

May the Violet Light Ray
bathe every cell,  part, particle, space between the spaces in my entire being 
into birthing a new life of total freedom to be the I AM that I AM
in communion with Source in Oneness
© Maria L’aria Raa 11/11/19

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