What if March stood for….

Namasté Beautiful Soul

Do you know how amazing, beautiful a miracle YOU are?

Miracles through

During this month of March 2020, where many countries are experiencing social distancing through quarantining people in their homes and the world seemed to have come to a screeching halt, people are questioning their livelihood and  what’s next, an opportunity to experience Miracles is also available. I know through experience everything always bears gifts for those willing to open and receive them even if we do not like the gift to begin with. In life we can look at “The glass is either half empty or half full” and it is our own individual perceptions that makes the choice.

“Nothing is ever done to us, but always for us.”

It is time we release the energy of victim consciousness for it is what keeps us enslaved in powerlessness and dis-empowerment as we give our power away to it.


What miracle is this gifting us with, you may ask?

One could be the following
When we are stopped in the robotic lifestyle many experience of getting up, going to work, come home, dinner, sleep, repeat, and addicted to our connection to electronics, we are gifted with the opportunity to release the habitual pattern, go within, meditate, question everything whether in our personal lives, external lives, hidden agendas inner and outer.

When we slow down, go within, meditate, invite self-inquiry, a deeper awareness of truth arises and that is a miracle in and of itself. The hectic world of fleeting external gratification, blocks the truth of your being-ness to seek deeper spiritual answers. We are all spiritual beings here experiencing through a human vehicle. When we become fully aware of our true divine nature, we resurrect our deep spiritual connection to the Divine that we have denied for a long time and through that re-connection we receive the full complete healing that is available to us always. The truth is that it is our disconnect from the Divine and our own divinity that is the cause of all our fears, separation, anxiety and dis-ease in the first place. We each have the ability to heal our selves of ANY ailment we experience if we choose to. We are powerful amazing Divine beings that have forgotten our divinity in our busy doing doing doing lifestyles, and now we on a global scale are invited to change that and connect, resurrect, heal, through the miracle of awareness.

When we invite connection to the divine through meditation, stillness, we become aware of the Divine Sophia / God / Source / Tao / Chi / Life force / Light that flows through all life in our own inner universe and the outer universes, perhaps this experience can become the greatest gift for humanity and as we in resurrect ourselves individually and hence collectively into the truth of life.

Connect, Call in, Command to be connected to the LIGHT and feel it flowing in through the top of your head let if flow down though your spinal fluid to the base of your spine and then all the way to your toes and your finger tips. Let it fill all your organs and systems and your energy body around you with white, light.

Here is beautiful SoHum Meditation that is easy, powerful and delightful.

I invite you to ask with all your heart, mind  and soul to know THE TRUTH and allow the healing of your soul through awareness to resurrect you in Spirit, Mind and Body. Then notice the healing  and wholing that will happen on all levels beyond your wildest imagination and that is truly an amazing Miracle that is available to us all at this time.

As Wayne Dyer so beautifully said :”There is a Spiritual solution to all problems”
Blessings and so much love
L’Aria Raa

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