The Freedom of Non-Attachment

Hello beautiful soul,

Ahhh …. attachment to non -attachment is such a splendid journey. This November more than ever we have been invited to walk the path of non-attachmnet ever more to foster deeper inner peace that will expand to world peace.  What does it really mean be non-attached and how can it benefit us?  As we have just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in US there is much attachment energy being expressed. How can one continue to navigate the holiday season and one’s life in general in a non-attached  or detached way?

According to Buddhism: “Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of all suffering.” Non-attachment is the opposite as it is a state of consciousness where a person overcomes his or her attachment to desire for things, people or concepts of the world and thus attains a heightened perspective and consciousness in complete freedom of beingness.  There are so many ways in we are attached mostly unconsciously.

One thing I have noticed is that “Attachment” drains our energy as it is a connection to other people, places, situations in unhealthy ways.

“All attachments are connections to something outside of us and therefore it can never bring us true freedom and authentic joy and inner peace.” Maria Kramer

Living a lifestyle of Non-Attachement is truly the highest level of unconditional love we can express as ourselves and for others. It allows you to be free to BE and others to be free to BE as well. It is understanding at a deep level that we are perfect as WE ARE and there is nothing I need from you or anyone else to feel whole and complete. It is the unraveling of all the ways we have been taught love is conditional. It is the complete undoing of how we have allowed ourselves to be owned by others and things and circumstances. When we are able to live a non-attached life we have a deep sense of peace  and connectivity to all things and are able to experience  life outside of the drama of ego. Here are some of the ways that affect wether we are attached or non-attached.

Expectations:  What is others expecting of me? What do I think others expect of me?  what am I expecting of others?  Expectations when not met cause major disappointments and depression for many. Are certain activities as gift giving truly necessary? I had a conversation years ago about gift giving at the holidays with a  dear friend who at her job received many gifts from her clients at work. We talked about the spirit of giving and how it had become polluted through commerciallism and what was expected in this field and all the stress it causes people to live up to what is perceived to be expected.  She wished many would not give her gifts because she could feel the energy in the gifts of which were given out of obligation, stress anger  and which were made from a pure joy space.

Traditions: Many  events of the winter holiday season is abundantly filled with traditions that may bring us joy or may not bring us joy anymore. Traditions are beautiful as long as we feel enthused, openhearted, joyful in the experience of them.  If we feel attached to them and a lack if they are different than we expected  then it is an invitation to see how we attached and in what way a new tradition can be created. If there is a certain tradition you partake in, do you because you absolutely love it or because it is what one is supposed to do?


Obligation: What are some of the ways you feel obilgated?  If you do not do them it will be received from family, friends and work places very poorly  and so you keep doing it because you don’t want to face the music so to speak? How are you sending energy of obligation to others?  Just become aware and then see how it can be changed.

Fear of loss – sales/shopping: Most companies sales strategy to engage the consumer is to appeal to their ego and entice them to buy now in order to get a better price. It is manipulation at it’s best and at this time of year advertisers truly invite us to join that energy as a feeing frenzy. We as consumers are invited to use discernment and tune in if we want to participate in this game or not.  How are you attached to deals and how do you allow yourself if so be pulled into this river? There is nothing wrong with deals only how to become aware if we are in reaction or response mode.  What other ways are you participating in the game of fear of loss in your life? 

Time: How attached are you to the clock? How have you  made time God? Time is an illusion and only miserable on a linear time frame. or many when we do not achieve a desired result at a certain time we beat ourselves up and  it erodes our self confidence. I learned over the years that if I was late it turned out whoever I was meeting that they were stuck in traffic and later than I was or we would arrive just at the same time and so it turned out to be a divine time. I invite you to remove your alarm clock from your bedroom and your wristwatch from your arm. You will be amazed at how out of tune with yourself and nature you have become and how easy it is to return to it and begin to trust yourself that you will always be on time and the angels and your soul will awaken you on time as well. I have used neither for over 10 years and I am always “on time”

Body: How attached have we become to a certain body image? How attached have you become to your body being who you are? and how has it caused you to fear death/the ceasing of the body to function? How is it not measuring up?

Butterfly-TransformationMoney: How is money owning me? How is the Lack of money owning me? Am I serving the money train or am I allowing the energy of money to serve me in service to humanity? Or have I become enslaved to a money God?  What beliefs around money has created a prison for me?

Food: Are you eating for soul nourishment or for emotional and mental reasons. How does certain foods have a hold on you?  Gotta have that now or …… ? become aware of the action or response you have around foods especially as we navigate this season. What does food mean to you?

Media: Is media in service to you or have you become enslaved to it 24/7? Are you constantly in touch?  This covers, social media, cell phone, TV, radio etc. What are you feeling when not in attached?

Drama: Living a drama free life is difficult for the ego at first as a non attached drama free life can be perceived as boring to many. Are you pulled into drama around you or are you free of it. “If not what consciousness can we be and have to live drama free?”


Opinions: How have opinions imprisoned you in limitation whether your own or others? “What consciousness can I be have to be completely free of all opinions both my own and others?”  

Authorities: Do you worry what others think. Are you always feeling like you constantly walk on eggshells whether by  parents, peers, teachers, government?  Do you value their opinions more than your own. Are you sacrificing self to please others?

Our story: We all have a personal story that runs like a train on automatic in our lives. What life thee story is owning your life?  What is the theme that keeps showing up constantly? How can it be changed in this moment. Perhaps ask yourself: “Is this true? Can I know 100% this is true?  Am I willing to destroy and uncreate all stories that I am attached to? yes or now?  Great!

if-we-fearfully-cling-to-what-we-haveLimitation / Concepts/ Ideas: I can’t because…….  I can’t afford because……Suffering is noble….means I care….are all  a very common limitation we have allowed to become attached to. Which one is your favorite?

Emotions: Which is the most common negative, limiting emotions that shows up in your life that you are unconsciously attached to perhaps over many lifetimes? Abandonment, guilt, betrayal, fear, doubt, shame…  Wonder what consciousness I can be completely non-attached to these emotions? 

Have fun with it …..As we raise our consciousness and chose a  5th dimensional lifestyle we can’t take our attachments with us as there is no room in the backpack. We are all in the process of transforming ourselves from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. Know there is no right or wrong. It is just a matter of choice and all choices are perfect for each of our souls. Enjoy the new found freedom of being non-attached.

Blessings and much love

Maria L’Aria Raa





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