December 1st Light

Hello Beautiful Soul.

December 1st, this beautiful season of light is here. I may be sharing a message from the Divine Beings of Light,  Angels or Ascended Masters or a prayer of the day more often this month. So here is the first one. Enjoy. 

Growing up December 1st  heralded the countdown to Christmas with advent calender candle lit each day burning only to the next date on the candle.  It is still a sacred tradition for me signaling the light we are igniting all over the world as the days grow shorter and the nights longer. This year I feel today is not the beginning of a countdown to an end result, but an invitation to birth something incredibly amazingly new expanded part of our consciousness, where each day we can grow more into the Human BEING we are sacred, expanded connected to the light we are in our unified I AM Presence. 

“Love is Life. Life is Love.” Yogi tea message

“Where there is no love there is no life.” Maria Kramer 


A Sacred Practice is to light a candle or look at the flame in this picture.

Bring your gaze to the flame in front of you.

As you bring yourself present with the flame, breathe in the life of the flame into your heart.

As you feel the light of life expand in your heart exhale the light throughout your entire body. Breathe in the light of love let it fill you to over flowing.

Continue to breathe in the flame of love into your being and allow yourself to receive all the love the Divine has for you and this beautiful flame is gifting you.

After awhile feel yourself becoming one with the flame perhaps you will notice there is candle and you separately, you are one.

As you breathe in this light, feel the love light igniting your cells with life force energy and all parts of you that were void of life being rejuvenated and whole.

Feel the peace of the oneness with the flame of of love light.

Blessings on a  Lovelitlife day


Maria L’Aria Raa





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