November as Peace Pioneering month

Hello beautiful soul,

Are you ready to join together on a month of paradigm shifting newness beyond what you can imagine?  Are you ready to walk as a Peace Pioneer warrior  and what does that mean? With the new moon beginning the month the seeds of possibility, positivity and change for the good of all mankind is upon us. November is gifting us with the energy of true peace. The theme of this month is PEACE. 

♥ What if  “Embracing the peace that is YOU in the midst of chaos and conflict.” ♥ is your spiritual mastery gym equipment this month.  ♥ Well it is. ♥ Peace is the natural state of being that offers presence and love when you are fundamentally residing in your soul heart witnessing and able to BE Present with what is. A peace pioneer  warrior lives in unity with all, knowing we are all one. This peace fills us to overflowing as we connect to Source, God, Great Spirit as it knows deeply truth and has no fear and no need to win. When we act from soul we choose peace more than the habit of needing to be right, control or win a battle. Being peace becomes our main focus because there is a deep knowing of truth you cannot put aside.  We are all peaceful beings at our core. As we surrender more of our ego habits of needing to be right and live in fear, we are able to reside in peace and act in the world with peace.

heartlogo330Archangel Michael brought at simple message this morning for us all.

“Awaken the peace in your heart of heart. Awaken fully to the absolute knowing of who and what you are. Divine presence. Awaken the infinite well of gratitude for all the experiences, people in your journey through all the the and space that has let you to this moment of awareness. ” ©Archangel Michael 11/2/16 

Peace is the absence of aggression, conflict and fear. it is that simple. Peace is a choice as is conflict and chaos. Our infinite nature is to return form the journey of fear into the peace we are. Only being in Peace can we know God. God, Divine intelligence is Peace and Love and Joy. If we are not feeling peace we have disconnected from our Divinity and sunken into the fear based ego play land of separation.

To be a peace pioneer takes courage as it mean acting different than perhaps you others around you. It means ceasing to join others in the fights arguments and needing to be right. It means being inspired to take a new approach that works for all concerned with a new eye. Does not mean to not speak up however communicate from a different perspective of speaking your truth authentically from a feeling perspective and not ego fear mind.

ACIM has a wonderful statement “I choose peace instead of ……  whatever it is you are feeling at the moment. Every time we act from fear, anger, resentment, judgement etc we pinch off our life force and close more of our connection to the Divine. For most humans chaos and conflict has become the norm and forgotten that a different reality exists. Of course this other existence and consciousness is void of drama and chaos, therefore feels very weird to many. It causes a conflict within the self and Self as the ego self is afraid to go there. We have to kindle the peace in our hearts and let the old habits and mind programs dissolve into ash and birth new calm community unity ones. It is actually quite easy and simple. Think of it as choices.


When we fully are centered in true authentic peace we are impervious to outside circumstances and events as we know fear is not real. When we reside in our true peace nature we are fully aligned with the Divine and we know we cannot be shaken. We also no longer have any need to convince others of our views or need approval.  We know that we know and we understand the only way to release conflict is through addressing the situation from a different consciousness it was created and peace and love always overcomes fear. When we unite one heart of peace with another and another, an exponential ripple of unity is released that changed all in it’s path. Nothing can withstand Peace and love was higher vibration energies. It flows like that river that is on the loose.

So we are invited to open up to great awareness with every thought, feeling, word and action. Here are some ways to work with it as situations arise during you day.

Am I being peaceful?

How can be more peace in this moment?

What consciousness can I be and have to choose being fully connected to the Divine being I am more of the time?

If needing to be right arises ask yourself, What am I afraid of loosing? What do I perceive to loose if I do not argue my case? 

If I choose peace then……….

What am I engaging in that keeps me from being peace?

What needs to change for me to feel more peace? 

Ask God, Divine Intelligence, Great Spirit, Buddha whichever you call your home to fill you to over flowing with the peace that passeth all understanding and watch miracles unfold. Claim it and so it will be.

peacedove60sPeace Now.

May each of us feel your  Peace within us every day.

May each of us choose to stay in that Peace no matter what happens around us.

May each of us give that Peace to each other daily.

May each of us choose to care for each other to expand each other’s lights within.

May all the world feel the connection they have to all living things at all times. 

May we each honor and respect each other’s choices, beliefs, differences and recognize our commonalities, our Oneness. 

That we may change this world one person, one family, one community, one county, one State one country at a time. As we are that Peace now the World is Peace now. 

©Maria Kramer

Infinite blessings of peace from my heart to yours

Maria L’Aria Raa

One Comment on “November as Peace Pioneering month

  1. While I wasn’t able to find the teleconference as I came in at the last minute. I did my own Angelic meditation and the energy is joyfully amazing! I feel renewed and grateful to have all of you Angels in my life and ready to take my own message of peace out into the world!✌️🌎❤️Thank you Maria! Love and Light, Donna Ralston, Cleveland Ohio

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