Angel Daniel Homecoming Message

Hello beautiful one,

One of the attendees in the IET® DNA Activation Tele~class received Angel Daniel’s blessing card of “Homecoming” and I was asked if I could explain what that means. So I thought I would share on this topic this magnificent day.

Homecoming is coming home to your true Divine Self, which is free of grudges, angers, bitterness, resentments from past or present judgements. It is the return to living in the soul~heart of knowing truth instead of from programed fear. Through the energy of forgiveness we release the attachment to any source of fear based judgement that have clouded our vision and trapped our energy in lack, limitation and self~judgement. Living in the NOW of peace as the Divine spirit/soul we are FREE of opinions and condemnation of any experience we have held.


It is the centering or anchoring into truth from the illusion of fear and separation we have allowed our ego to take us on over a long while. It is the return to self~empowerment, claiming our power back so to speak as we unplug, deprogram, delete all the fear based virus programming we have been been swimming in for eons of time keeping us captive  and controllable as a mass consciousness.

It is an invitation to remember we are all one and there are no victims or bad guys only souls on a planet having experiences with the purpose of returning to the truth of our individual being and the being in Oneness we all are.  When we have travelled far and long enough on our journey of pain we eventually are invited over and over again to seize the opportunity to return home to our angelic selves of unconditional love, peace and harmony and seeing the world and ourselves as we truly are.

When we work with the energy of the Angelic frequency of the Daniel it offers the glorious gift to step into the final stage of divine non-judgement which is the true energy of forgiveness. When we have awoken out of the dream of judgement, separation and fear we remember who we are. Not just from a mental conceptual state but in the very core of our being. We the Universe. We are source. We are angels. We are light. We are Creators. We are God. We are Divine Intelligence. We are light particles of Energy in eloquent motion.

20160606_193317Message from The Angel Daniel,

Sweet beloved ones of infinite eternal magnificent light of love that you are in oneness with source of all that is.

Homecoming is the most delicious, succulent, effervescent, joyous experience that brings knowing of truth inner peace, bliss, in ways that is beyond words as they are completely ineffective at describing what it is of feel it with every cell of your beingness. Homecoming is the only true freedom that exists for in coming home to The Self from the separate self you are returned to the expanded truth of All and purely residing in the present moment. Here Now. It is the acceptance  total conscious co-createorship and as such there is no good or bad. It is the “being in the world and yet not of it” as a wise Master once said.

Beloved one,

Take a deep breath…..Breathe our energy into your sacred heart space. Breathe in the purity of light that you are. Breathe in the love that you are. Breathe in the joy that you are. Breathe in the compassion that you are. Breathe in the pure peace of infiniteness you are. Breathe in the eternalness that you are.  Feel your heart beat in unison with mine. Breathe in the vibration of the Daniel.  Feel the peace. Feel the bubbaliciousness the sparkling joy that we are. Fell it fill your heart and let it flow through all your veins and energy pathways, your brain, your organs, your energy fields. Breathe in the energy of the REAL you and let witness it feel it pulsate vigorously and joyfully through the vehicle of what you call a body. We are you. You are us.

When ever you feel the need for support and feel the call to come home to YOU, remember this: “Breathe in the forgiveness energy of pure unconditional love that we bring you. Call upon us. Breathe in the vibration I AM and feel the bubbaliciosness of effervescent joy and peace fill you to overflowing. We are always here and ready to be of service. Call upon us and we are with you instantaneously. We love you beyond words. Feel our love surround and envelope you and fill you. Invite us to guide you to see you and the world with eyes of divine angel eyes as we do you.

We are complete ……..Angel Daniel.

Through Maria Kramer 7/5/16 

Namasté Maria L’Aria





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