Blue Starborn Message and Light Language Transmission

Hello Beloved one,

I feel most delighted in sharing a spontaneous message from the Blue Starborn I channeled July 10, 2016 The blue Starborn are high vibrational Beings who work diligently to support the Earth and her in habitants in the ascension process. They are some of the very first beings to walk the earth and their presence has been recorded in ancient India as evidences in the blue coloration of lord Shiva and Krishna.

Enjoy the message and the Light Language transmission at the end to gift you with remembrance, wholing and lightness.

I feel deeply honored to share this message and know it will support you on your journey.

I am thrilled to have been able to expand in the ways of technology with the help of beautiful earth angels.  Yippiii!!! Thank you Daniela  and Hector. You are awesome! It continues to amaze me how we are thrust into new ways of service and given the support needed to grow.

Many blessings and hearthugs of lovelovelove from our heart to yours

Maria L’Aria Raa Kramer

Audio message 

Video message 

Written Transcribed message




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