I want peace Angel Cassiel

Hello beloved beautiful soul, “I – want – peace”. ‘I’ is ego, ‘want’ is desire. Remove ego and desire, and you will be left with peace.”  Sathya Sai Baba Peace is the desired gift most of humanity is craving for…

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Angel Ariel Election Message

This morning during my meditation, I asked Arch Angel Ariel for guidance on an issue that is at hand and on many peoples mind and hearts and I wanted to share the response. Enjoy and be In -Joy! “What do…

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Blue Starborn Message and Light Language Transmission

Hello Beloved one, I feel most delighted in sharing a spontaneous message from the Blue Starborn I channeled July 10, 2016 The blue Starborn are high vibrational Beings who work diligently to support the Earth and her in habitants in the ascension…

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