Angel Ariel Election Message

This morning during my meditation, I asked Arch Angel Ariel for guidance on an issue that is at hand and on many peoples mind and hearts and I wanted to share the response. Enjoy and be In -Joy!

“What do I / we need to know about the upcoming election in USA and beyond?

“Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. Blessed you are. Blessed we are. Bless, Bless, Bless, Bliss, Bliss.

The time has come to gather and pray, envision, intention in groups for the peace-filled outcome that is for all and everyones highest good and highest healing. The outcome that will support a raised consciousness that thrives from a spaciousness of love, unity, the good of all, instead of a limited consciousness that thrives from a place of fear and me consciousness. Making choices from soul heart of trust and love will have the greatest effect. 

Can humanity let go of the attachment to fear, survival, me, control, power and shift into a place of unity, a common unified vision that serves all of life, humans, animals, plants, earth, water, sky?

The choice is before you. Are humans ready to live as the God-Self of good it is or does it wish to continue on the path of separate self of fear? Choices, beloved ones, are at hand.

peaceThe gift of gathering together in a peace-filled time in prayer, envisioning, intending, unifying consciousness of highest possibility forward movement to vibrate the highest good be of service, knowing Heaven on Earth is here now as a choice. When two or more gather in peace and possibility  it sends an infinite ripple out in the universe of blessing and love.

Energy follows intent always and in all ways. What are you focussing on as a collective consciousness?

We invite thee to step away from ALL news, drama, fear-based programs wether on television, social media, radio or written materials and bring your awareness inward. Envision, feel with all your being, ALL living in a unified consciousness that serves all in living peace, harmony, joy and love.

Your job is not to figure our the “who” and the “how”. Release your limited perceptions, opinions, and judgements. Invite the angels and the Divine in all it’s glorious forms to bring forth the “who” and the “how” that will be in full alignment with highest good for the all. We ask you to pray for highest good for each individual person, town, state and country as a whole.

What transpires on November 8 at the USA elections will have a profound effect on all countries as well as all the galaxies and all the universes in all of creation. We are watching you carefully and much help is available from us and the Benevolent ones who await your requests for support with infinite patience!!!

blessingBless everyone and everything, situation and you are blessed. Release the choices that seem to be at hand and open your selves to added possibilities that is not clear at this moment to step forward in to the light!!

Release, loose, let go, let God. Fear is holding the matrix of repetition alive. You are at a choice moment of repeating a cycle from 1916 or choose a whole new path. Love opens the doors for new possibilities.

Surrender to the WE and TRUST in Yourself. TRUST in others, Trust ALL want good. TRUST. Goodness always overcomes darkness. God has never let anyone down. Light ALWAYS prevails. Even in the individual. The tiniest flicker of light illumines the darkest cave. Shine your heart-light. Join your heart-lights as one and you illuminate like the sun in the oneness you are.

We are complete. ArchAngel Ariel”
Through Maria Kramer 
Copyright 10/23/2016


“Heavenly Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Benevolent Ones, Divine Intelligence, God, Pleidians, Arcturians, Blue Starborn, we humbly ask for you to please accept our hearts calling for help, guidance, direction, protection, intention in each of our lives as well as the life of each community, country, planet.

angels-everywhereWe pray with open hearts that through this election in the United States of America, the team and persons that will be for the highest good and highest healing for the whole will be the ones elected by the people to support a higher consciousness of uniting all in oneness, and WE consciousness, blessings all inhabitants and the planet. We know you know who they are.

We surrender our individual ego and surrender to the Divine within. We extract from the the matrix of fear and align with the positive light of love and keep our hearts, eyes on God goodness and possibility in this moment of now.

We invite and accept the support and help of the 100% benevolent beings of our star sisters and brothers in this endeavor and matter. Now is the time.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We are indeed blessed!”

Namasté Maria Kramer

4 Comments on “Angel Ariel Election Message

  1. What an amazing and appropriate message.
    These words and prayer are much needed at a time of
    insecurity. Thank you so much Angel Ariel and to you, Maria.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you angels! Thank you Maria! Love and light to all!

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