August Courageous Awesomeness

Hello sweet soul

The moon in Leo and new month. This is an especially wonderful month as we celebrate the warm month of summer in the northern hemisphere. The energies that are being called forth is the energy of the Leo:

Courage to make changes.
Courage to come out and be seen.
Courage to take risks you have been procrastinating on taking.
Courage to be YOU.
Courage to be Authentic and different. 
Courage to walk your truth.
Courage to Wake up out of the deep slumber of illusionary fear
Courage to live your dream now instead of later.


Have you had ideas you have been working on in your inner being but something has been holding you back? Have you felt complacent and sticking with what is familiar even though something is calling your heart to jump into a new sea of possibilities? This is the month to take the actions and just do it.

 “August is inviting us to lift out of chaos of FEAR and into the joyously awesomeness of ourselves.”

Often a breakdown happens through a healing crisis of sort, either a health, job or relationship crisis. It is funny how we say we have a breakdown and fear it. If people when going through a nervous or mental breakdown could look at it with new perception of how amazing an experience that it is as it is an internal thing that is saying something is not working anymore and I must do and be something different. Perhaps it is because all old structures must break down before we can create a new empowered structure. We see it on a world level and galactic level at he moment as well The ways of the past does not work at all. 

crisisopportunityWhether that is our own or it is on a global scale. What if we call it a Breakthrough? On a global scale which is but a reflection of each of our inner breakdowns and turmoil, we can witness how out of alignment all is and how we have held on tight to the familiar even if it has long since stopped working just like staying at a job or in a relationship we have outgrown.

Most people only change and try something new when the pain is more than they can bear and have been completely worn down and ready to surrender.  Why not try something new before it get’s that far out of hand. On another level I also know everything happens for us and not to us although it might not seem so at the moment it is occurring. We are here to grow and evolve as a spirit being in human form and to master ourselves to live ore harmoniously and loving with ourselves and each other. 

What is your life has gotten to the point of enough is enough?

What is it you believe will happen if you follow your bliss?

I invite you to ask “What else is possible in my life?  Create vision boards. Daydream and birth your dreams alive. Perhaps you want to live in a different place, state country than you do. What is stopping you. Perhaps you want to create your dream livelihood. Perhaps you want to start your own business, expand your business, find a perfect life partner and you have al these I call “why nots” “why you can’t” in your mind.  Angel Ariel often says “The thing that if it happened would seem too good to be true is exactly what you came here to experience and be.” If not now then when? 


What if true courage was to live your dream, create your life as a living work of art that is totally different than anyone else’s.  Most times we want the road map and honestly I have not found one it. It seems it is written and drawn as we move forward one step at a time. Our only job is the trust the next step that we take as as we do we are guided to the next and the next and the path appears. 

Sometimes the courage we are needing to grow is the ability to say NO because we have been taught it is not polite. Maybe it is the courage to love ourselves more and beat ourselves up mentally less. Maybe it is to hunk more positive and less negative. Maybe it is to stand in your truth for your children on issues most do  not have the courage to. 

What firewalk and initiation to expand your beingness and take yourself to the next level have you been afraid to take? 

We have so many helpers from the angelic realm and spirit realm and soul council you would be absolutely astonished. The one thing that is for certain is that they can only help us if we keep moving and we ask. When we are frozen in fear they cannot reach to help and support us.  

it-takes-courage-to-grow-up-become-who-you-really-are-courage-quoteThe greatest courage we can master is to listen to the inner voice of loving guidance from our soul walk like the lion fearlessly by itself awhile and not listen to the opinions of others. No one will walk in our shoes so to expect someone else to guide us is actually quite a silly idea. If I truly loved myself fully, completely, compassionately, patiently, peacefully, joyously and walked like a proud awesome authentic lion in this world what would that look like?  What is one courageous way would be to release judgement to be more at peace? 

Enjoy the Lion walk this month and walk the path of expressing your unique greatness in full self~trust and self~love and infinite joy. 

Many Blessings 

Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa

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