I AM the Light

Hello sweet soul of light,

It feels like this month of August which is the 8 month of the calendar year is infusing the energy of remembrance of who we are at a deep soul and cellular level.  I connect with the  8 as a vertical infinity symbol also known as a lemniscate or horizontal infinity symbol.

Through the 8 we are blessed with connecting with Source, God supreme being and feel the bliss if the union as we are never separate, as it is only in our perception through fear can that view arise. There is never, has never been and will ever be a time we are not in connection to the Divine being we are in oneness with source. Only in our human minds is separation possible. We are always and in ALL ways able to feel the love and light when we reside in the truth of our being and not in the fear consciousness of separation.

When we see, feel, sense with our heart, we enter into connectivity  and communion with the One Heart of all life forms and know beyond a shadow of a doubt truth at a deep profound level that is not explainable to the mind. It is a knowing a claircognizance.

8 is also a represents to me our DNA structure and so the more we feel into the flow of the infinite being we are the more our body cells responds and aligns and becomes healthier. 

Here is a beautiful prayer that will bless you with lifting our of the cloudy  ego perception into Divine mind knowing. 

I invite you to sit a moment place your hands on your right hand on your heart and left hand over the right and  take a deep breath cleansing breath in and exhale fully. Envision sitting in a figure 8 you in the bottom loop and Source God in the upper loop. Every breath is an invitation to full communion with the Divinity you are and you are apart of always.  

hand heart

The Prayer of Light
Let there be Light for Light is who I am
Let there be Peace for Peace is who I am
I align to the great mighty Source of the Central Sun
Illuminate us to the highest cause of Light and benevolent action of all
All legions, teams, realms, dimensions, sovereign holy power of Light, unite in me and restore and heal all
Enlighten all minds to the mind of Christ
May truth be restored to the Light Divine
Restore the cells to the cells of Light, our divine original blueprint.
And so it is.

I am not sure who wrote this but it is beautiful and was called to share this day. 

Many Blessings and have an infinitely glorious day

Namasté Maria 

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