The Power of Release

Full moon blessings to you this glorious day of August.

On the eve of the Full moon eclipse as I get ready for a distance healing session I am suddenly inspired to share on the power of release as that is often what we do on the full moon. There are so many ways to release and purposes for releasing I feel guided to share a few you might find supportive of your path at this time.

Every thing in life is is constant flow and it follows a wonderful eternal principle of inflow and outflow. One can witness all of nature  living that process effortlessly without resistance. At the ocean the waves roll in onto the shore and recede back into the ocean in a very beautiful easy rhythm. Trees and plants grow leaves and flowers and the bud and blossom and then fall off with grace and ease to the grown releasing it’s grip in a graceful dance of surrendering to next phase. 

For humans there is the release of what no longer serves us as we have outgrown an experience, a set of clothes, a relationship, food, jobs, thoughts, beliefs, concepts, lifestyle etc. Many through the energy of fear have become extremely adept at holding on to things whatever they might be. When we hold on it literally dams the space for for something new to show up for us. 

buddhaRelease attachments to outcome is another important area to bring release to. Create and focus on what you want see it sense it feel it done but then set it free and let the Universe bring it to you without your attachment to how it needs to show up. 

The need to know, time, money, are another areas many are attached to like glue. I need to know! It has become an addiction. The more we are in fear the more closed the door and the bigger the dam. 

What have you outgrown that you can offer a release to at this time and gift it back to source for recycling?  

What concepts, beliefs, thoughts, habits, patterns, fears, are passé and it is a good time to release and open space for something even better to show up for you? 

What bitterness resentments, anger, grief, sadness, guilt, judgements, fears are damming up the quality of your life? These emotions can create quite a dam in all areas of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

If you look at your plate of daily activities, to do lists, how hight is it piled and what can you take off your plate so to speak. How can you simplify and bring more peace and ease into your life. 

A long time ago someone said give away that which you want to bring into your life. If you want more money give away money. If you want more books give some away. the sea with clothes, love etc. Try it.

When we release we surrender it to Divine light of infinite love and know we are whole without it  and because of the release. We are saying yes to living freely in the ever lowing river of life trusting all is well.  The elimination of something in our life is always a beautiful indication that something even better than you can imagine is on it’s way to you. 

feel good

Here are some great intentions that have worked well for me you might like to use.

“I let go of everything and everybody that is no longer a part of the Divine plan of my life. I now release and I am now released from everything and everybody who is no longer a part of the divine plan for my life. Everything and everyone who is no longer a part of the Divine plan of my life now releases me and finds their good elsewhere.  I now expand quickly into the Divine plan of my life, where all conditions are permanently perfect.”

 “I fully and freely forgive. I loose and let go. I let go and let God. I fully and completely forgive everyone and everything that ever needed forgiveness from me. I now receive forgiveness from everybody and everything of my past and present. I  now fully and completely forgive myself.  We are all free now to move forward into our joy.” 

“With this release I am open to receive all the good the universe has for me now.”

Enjoy the Full moon light receiving your release as you offer it up to the creator for something divinely new to be received. 


Maria L’Aria Raa




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