Grace & Gratitude

Hello beloved One,

The energy of Gratitude is generates an amazingly freeing energy around letters that birth a word into being.  Gratitude is a way to step into full acceptance of what is without judgement. Gratitude is fullness, wholeness and completeness. It says all is well in this moment. It lifts our vibration and is the only energy that can shift our consciousness from anger and judgement into true joy which is our natural state of being. Anger and judgement is fear, victim mentality and lack expressed. We feel something is missing and a state of not enough~ness is being felt.

“Living in Grace and Gratitude changes all we do, feel, think and who we are. It allows Source Love and lIght to permeate through each and every part of our Being.” Maria Kramer

When we are able to be grateful for EVERYTHING in our lives, especially that which we judge as a loss, lack, injustice, wrong,  we lift into a higher consciousness of enough~ness, wholeness, fullness and empowerment. As soon as the energy of gratitude fills us we are blessed with a deep peace of Grace filling us to overflowing.  Gratitude brings us into unity with Source and we receive the Grace of God in Oneness with the energy of pure unconditional love. Grace to me is the Holy spirit pouring forth in union with the Divine love we are. Gratitude of all, is acceptance of all life as it unfolds and in the surrender of judgement we begin to swim the sweet ocean of Grace which really is beyond words.

Simple ways to lift your consciousness into Gratitude and Grace are offering the words: “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”  as your mantra of the day for everything that shows up in your life and your thoughts. Remember, everything shows up FOR us not TO us. This applies to all the judgement thoughts we have of ourselves as well.

A question that works well is: “What is RIGHT about this I am not getting?”

What if when you say grace at meal time, you were able to express it with such deep feeling of gratitude from the core of your soul remembering all the people that made it possible to bring all the ingredient’s necessary to the table and you enjoy it?  I wonder how that would make you feel and how that might make mealtime a spiritual experience as well.

In deepest Gratitude

Blessings of infinite love

Maria L’Aria Raa



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