Hello beloved beautiful soul…


“The more I am able to TRUST that life is unfolding perfectly for me and all those around me, that there are no accidents in life, only a beautifully orchestrated play, the more I a able to surrender my life to the work of art in progress I AM and WE all ARE!”  Maria Kramer

Most of our lives many have been conditioned to doubt ourselves, all that happens, all people around us and it has caused tremendous limitation in the flow of life. Ot created much of the fear energies we have carried in our cell memory and communication field that surrounds us. “What if is what has led to limiting beliefs and misperception of separation and the concept of good and bad?” Good question?  How can I change it now? 

Perhaps ask yourself: “Who would I be without the concept of  doubt, self doubt?”  

“What would my life be like is I lived in a constant state of complete trust in the Divine flow of all that is unfolding of me for my highest good without opinion?”

Here are two more simple practices that will support you in bringing you back into your heart of Love and live in the flow of trust, whenever you feel fear or doubt.

Write this phrase on sticky notes and paste them (I have them everywhere; in my car, wallet, mirrors, computer and bedroom), wherever you know you will see them, and repeat it to yourself each time you glance at them:

“In this moment I trust myself.”

Try this with me as you are reading this. Place both your hands on your heart or one hand on heart and the other on the top of your head, breathe and say: “In this moment I trust myself.” Just notice how that feels… When we bring our hands to our heart we literally move from our mind into our heart and anchor this ideal ever more deeply into it. Play with and see what feels best to you. Any time that you feel doubt or fear, bring your hands to heart and say the above phrase. Keep taking some deep breaths. You may even choose to breathe consciously while you count to 17. The number 17 becomes an 8 and it represents your eternal connection with the Divine.

Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa 


  1. What a simple yet effective technique to bring awareness and grounding to daily living
    Namaste back to you !

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