Earth Day Enlightening

Hello beautiful Earth Tenant,

Today we celebrate Earth day around the world in many different ways. Most often the focus is on bringing to consciousness all the ways we have treated this brilliant blue/green sphere unconsciously over many millennia. Every day new technologies are birthed to clean up and restore nature and bring our environment back to the “garden of eden” paradise it was designed to be enjoyed. If we can see it from a greater perspective it is a magical process to be a part of and witness the unfoldment of.

I wonder how we would treat Gaia daily if we actually lived as the visitors we in truth are as if we were visiting a dear friend in their home or house sat for them a while? We would most likely be very gentle, conscious of leaving everything the way we found it and take great care of all that was in our view. Not the way many has treated Gaia for quiet awhile.

There are so many ways in which we can support, being a blessing, love this planet and make every day a celebratory earth day when we intend to live in harmony, peace and unity with all living beings, including all the nature kingdoms as partners in sacred retains with each other.


Tosa Ranch New Mexico October 2019 “May I walk in sacred Union with all in Unity with in and without.” Maria Kramer

Native American 10 Commandments

The earth is our Mother, care for her
Honor ALL your relations
Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit
All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect
Take from the Earth what you need and nothing more
Do what needs to be done for the good of all
Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day
Speak the truth; but only of the good of others
Follow the rhythms of nature; rise and retire with the sun
Enjoy lives journey, but leave no tracks.

Here are some ideas i invite you to ponder and I would love to hear your ideas of how to breathe new life with in ourselves and our beloved Gaia with greater sacredness and loving kindness and create a gloriously self sustainable present and future  and deeper loving relations with this magnificent sphere we happen to be enjoining at this moment.

Love love love…. How can we be more loving and treat Gaia with greater reverence. The Earth mother who relentlessly and unconditionally gives so much to us, nourishes us, energizes us, feeds us, houses, us, clothes us. The amazing limitless, infinite abundant resources  this earth mother provides us is truly ineffable. She shows us there is never any lack. there is always enough. Through conscious co creation there is infinite possibility of expansion  through the life cycle of all creation, birth,  life experience, death and rebirth. Everything is energy recycled and materialized into form them to formlessness and back into form. The tenacity of Mother Earth is a great teacher of unconditional love for us in many areas of our human beingness.

Are we truly ready to raise our consciousness and vibration to match hers? I am in complete trust that we as a humanity have  reached that point as more and more of are awaking to our true selves and deeper profound knowing of self and the interconnectedness of all living organisms.


Earth Heart of love from hike up Overlook Mountain Path Woodstock, NY 2013

Present….What is we treated Gaia and the gift of life as the ultimate christmas present that is truly is. She is prosperous abundance personified showing us that nature is a resilient and unstoppable force that Source energy is flowing through at all times for she as an energy being is fully connected at all times.

Could it be that through our desire for power over and ownership of we have disconnected and separated our selves form the Divine Source that fills us and our awakening to greater awarness to care for this being is to learn to love ourselves and as we do we will truly be able to love all living nature forms and treat it with the honor is was designed.

What if the destruction and trashing we have created on the planet is actually a mirroring of the destruction of our inner selves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually over eons of time? As we are becoming aware of our inner destruction we are also seeing out outer destruction with new eyes or vice vera. What if the pollution on the surface, in the air and in the ocean is a mirror of our inner pollution of toxins, polarity, duality, emotions, lower vibrational thought, needing to be right, seeing ourselves as separate entities.

Here are some empowering questions I have come up with that can birth new ideas in our consciousness.

What consciousness can I be that would let me live in sacred union with Mother Earth and self more of the time?

How can I be a divine Present to Gaia as she is to me?

What possibility of being part of bringing heaven back to earth can I be?

What can I do and be today to make a difference in bringing balance and harmony back on the planet and within myself?

What one way can I choose to do and be every day to make a difference in the world and mother earth that inspires me and makes me feel joyful and good? 

Wishing you a blessed beautiful inspirational Earth Day




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